Tuesday 10 February 2009

Aid for Victoria: SitePoint’s 100% Donation Sale

As many people are aware, the brush fires in Victoria, Australia have killed over 170 people with many more expected, and they’ve left thousands homeless and in need of emergency care.

It is one of the worst natural disasters in Australian history, and SitePoint, based in Melbourne, Victoria is stepping up to help out.

So a sale of any five SitePoint books for $29.95 USD is underway – that’s FIVE books for the price of one, people (and some great book choices there are, too) and 100% of the proceeds are going to bushfire relief. You can read more and get to ordering by visiting SitePoint’s sale site and buying some books!

SitePoint, you’re awesome for being such a caring company, and providing excellent, ongoing resources for Web folks everywhere. Best wishes from here at Molly.Com for comfort, relief and well-being for all.

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Posted by:   Molly | 01:54 | Comments (3)

Comments (3)

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  2. Thank you for your help in spreading the word.

    SitePoint staff members have been personally affected by this disaster; friends have lost their properties, their homes, and their lives. We had to do what we could to help.

  3. That’s awesome, Shayne. It’s a great thing you’re doing. Thinking good thoughts for all . . .

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