Tuesday 3 June 2008

Back to WaSP or a Different Revolution?

If WaSP would have me back, should I go? Or is that just visiting a past I’ve left for good?

Your thoughts are very valuable to me at this juncture of my life and work. Thank you!

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Comments (34)

  1. The question to ask yourself is whether you feel your efforts would be amplified within WaSP and my feeling is that they wouldn’t. Start a new revolution…divide and conquer.

  2. Well, that would be great to know you are back on the wasp road.

    That would be a great place to fight for us and make the difference.

    Whatever is your decission, I hope is the best for you. Good luck!


  3. Hey, that idea from Jonathan Snook is great!

    How about starting from scratch in Latin America, we sure need someone with your talent and drive… Think about it 😉

  4. Agree with Jonathan, which soapbox works best. Does WaSP have the momentum for you. Or is it like all things at the moment. People are just way too busy.

    Would you feel incomplete without a body of peers to fall back on. Maybe its time to step outside the square and take the fight into the corporate and back rooms where WaSP is never going to each. How you do this is another debate.

  5. You and me Molly! We’ll take on the world! Or at least Tucson right?

  6. I have an idea for you. Flip a coin. Head is return to WaSP, tail is don’t. The moment you will see the coin, deep down, you will know if the coin was correct or wrong.
    I am sure you can contribute to WaSP.
    The question is if WaSP has something (you need) to contribute to you.
    What do you need?
    What do you want?

  7. Cool a revolution is building. Change is happening.

    Molly, follow your intuition, the paradoxes of the theorized transparent web will be revealed in due time.

  8. Well, before you decide whether to go back to WaSP or not, ask yourself this question (and then contemplate what Snook said). Where do you see WaSP heading in the next few years, and do you think you want to be a part of it?

  9. Is WASP still going? I thought it had ceased work.

  10. The past is for dreams, the future for everything else.
    Try something new.

  11. It would be nice to see WaSP become a bit more active again, and it seems that any project you’re involved in can’t sit still for too long.

    How did your Teach the Teacher project work out? While admittedly I’m not very tightly tuned into WaSP and its directions, I think the EduTF could/should/would be the next best drive for WaSP right now. Granted, accessibility, scripting, et al are very important, but if we can educate people more effectively on the basics of these concepts, wouldn’t that further those causes in a sort of latent manner?

    Of course, I’m just a pleeb with delusions of a deeper understanding, so at least 2 grains of salt on that. Though I’d like to see some sort of follow-up to Teach the Teacher.


  12. I am a member of edutf. Just a quick note. We are very busy – but it will take a while for our work to show…

  13. I think a more active group of people forming a new group would be an excellent idea and something i would be very interested in joining in one form or another. Jonathan hit it right on, I think dividing and conquering is a great idea.

  14. Start your own thing! Or, take Edna Mode’s advice from The Incredibles:

    “I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.”

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  16. There’s a reason for the saying “you can’t go home again.” I think if you went back, you’d be disappointed.

  17. WaSP has become irrelevant.

    If you think you can, and want to, make it relevant again, go ahead. If you think it’s too much work, stay out and find something better to spend your time on.

  18. I just buy a book
    That is good.
    Hope you can find the answer.follow your heart.
    ps: I am from China.

  19. Does this mean, you aren’t going to be in for a future version of Internet Explorer?

    Oh, please don’t answer you wouldn’t comment on future versions of IE 😉

  20. (@ Lars Guther)
    I don’t mean to slag the EduTF by any means, and I highly doubt that a grassroots group of people would be able to turn the world of academia on its ear in a fortnight. Instead, I mean to say that I think that your efforts deserve a stronger drive than Acid3, and that Molly has been doing some interesting things to try and further Web Standards in education.

    And when I say it would be nice to see WaSP be more active, I realize that I should say it like this: I’m sure that there are aspects of WaSP that are plenty active, but it would be nice to *see* that. The WaSP site gets a new update every other week at best, when it used to get something much more frequently. Whether WaSP has stagnated or not in reality, they look rather lethargic by their current output on the site. And the site is my only reference to WaSP (not counting their members as individuals). Thus, it would be nice to see WaSP be more active. And Molly has always been very good at opening up and sharing progress reports on a fairly active basis.


  21. Cool a revolution is building.

  22. Think of WaSP as a house and all the other members are in the living room.

    The question is; how do you feel to enter that room.

  23. I’d love to see you back at WaSP.
    I have no further insight or valuable feedback than that :/

  24. “You can’t go home again” only means that the place isn’t ‘home’ anymore, not that you actually can’t go back.

    Another way of saying that you can’t step twice into the same river.

    In other words, the WaSP is obviously a different organization, with a different (though I think overlapping) set of participants, operating in a different environment, than the one Molly belonged to previously.

    So, since there is no ‘going back’, the only real question is, should Molly join the WaSP of today? For my own selfish reasons I would say ‘yes’: The challenges from proprietary technologies trying to displace the web (or at least head it off in new areas) are mounting as the pace of change is increasing to a fever pitch again.

  25. Nice info, thanks.

  26. Cool a revolution is building.

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