Thursday 10 May 2007

Blue Sky: Web Browser, Standards and Interop Summit, XTech Paris

In Paris this May 15th, XTech 2007, Molly.Com, Inc. and Useful Information Company have combined resources to join industry influentials and peers for the first annual Browser, Standards and Interop Summit in parallel with the XTech conference.

The Summit will consist of an open meeting of as many browser vendors, standards advocates, W3C and related standards supporters as we can gather. We will also have workgroups and an open mike session so everyone can be heard.

The day will be open to observation for interested journalists (particularly bloggers, podcasters and videocasters) based on available space. Participants will include representatives from Opera Software, Mozilla, Microsoft Corporation and others. It’s an opportunity to make voices heard in a more neutral, open discussion outside the vendor or standards groups themselves.

As Web developers and designers are all too aware, a lot of our effort goes into skirting round the inconsistencies in web browsers. We care about giving our users the best experience possible, so we take the time. A lot of time.

We can save a lot of that time if we also tackle the root causes: unclear, problematic standards and related issues with browser interoperability. While standards can provide the palette from which the next revisions of browsers take features, interoperability work can fix things in the near term, and for the future, getting us back to the original platform and user agent agnostic vision of the Web.

Both Useful Information Company and Molly.Com, Inc. are splitting the event room cost. Vendors and participants will be required to provide their own travel and lodging, there will be no sponsorships taken from anyone although volunteer opportunities to assist with the Summit in a number of ways, such as providing refreshments, are available.

  • When: Tuesday 15 June 2007
  • Location: Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel / XTech, Paris, France
  • Room: TBA
  • Cost: FREE
  • Time: 09:00 – 17:00, interested attendees are welcome to join at any point during the day

Hope to see you there! Please do let us know via comments if you’re interested.

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