Tuesday 23 January 2007

No, I Am Not Fire (Aquarius)

No, I am not fire
I am air in disguise
using my own breath as fuel

Is it because you delight in the gossip
or did the tequila loosen your tongue
separate it from your mind or heart?

Yes, I appear as fire
often frenzied, hungry, intense
but I am not fire, no.

If all for talk it would be a sad waste
to spend my thoughts now wondering
what is it I did or did not do
what I have or have not to give

that brings a warm, sweet air
without a searing flame.

I can answer you with no touch
that I promise. It’s not and never has been
what I think you think I think it ever was.

No, I am not the flame
you believe me to be
and never would knowingly burn

such a friend beloved.

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