Saturday 3 July 2004

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Well, it took all night but I’m proud to say that not only am I happily resident on my new web server, but because of the incredibly generous Matt Mullenweg I also am just about all set up in WordPress.

The process would have been much easier had I been more prepared, but I wasn’t. So, Matt had to help me extract all the data from my Movable Type database and export it. Once that hurdle was overcome, the import went very well, and all my posts, comments, and even uncleaned comment spam are all happily resident now. There are a few glitches to clean up (I know, I know) but I’m going to bed now.

WordPress is a joy to install and not only easy to use, but easy to modify – and I don’t even know PHP. I’m just delighted with the easy interface, the simplicity of working with templates, and look ma – NO REBUILDS! It was getting to the point where I could go for a swim, run to the grocery and read a short novel before my site was rebuilt. And that was with under 200 posts and several thousand comments. Imagine if I’d kept growing?

This is not to dis Movable Type, because I love it too, for different reasons. Although I have to admit I’m not fond of the new interface – I think the navigation in 3.0 looks crappy and is difficult to read. But the program is extremely powerful, there’s no question about it. For my purposes, though, it looks as though WordPress is going to suit just fine.

So thank you Matt, and props to MooKitty for additional assistance and ideas, and the gang in #wordpress. You are all so awesome!

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Comments (191)

  1. nice site Molly, you’re gonna have to clean it up a bit though.

  2. Well you made it 4 years ago and still appear to be doing great. Hopefully someday I will make my own blog, but for now I just enjoy reading them.

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  6. Congratulations! Sounds like it was a hard road, but welcome aboard. You’ll love it here, no doubt.

  7. Keep up the good work. WordPress rocks!

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  9. Woot Molly, Hey good job. Hard work pays off doesn’t it. I enjoyed your post, thanks.

  10. I left Moveable Type ages ago. WordPress is so much better and is free. Glad it worked out well for you in the end.

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