Thursday 18 March 2004

kissing: the perfect form of social networking

What’s friendlier than Friendster and livelier than Orkut? It’s a fabulous new social networking application, the Club. I’m not sure about the long-range possibilities for the application, but you can easily see the immediate benefits that having been kissed by MJ at Bruce Sterling’s fantastic SXSW closing party brought about.

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Comments (8)

  1. My god, how many terabytes will that list be?

  2. Molly, I think this is something you need to start doing. I volunteer to be first. 🙂

  3. Silly Aren’t I?
    In terms of the aesthetics of my social network as demarcated with smooches, I’d say it’s a pretty hot looking group.

  4. I’ve recently been exposed to Brazilian social kissing (once on each cheek, air kisses are okay, men kiss only women, women kiss everybody).

    I thought I was getting the hang of it — not easy for a straight-laced boy from Texas. But I still have more to learn. For instance, I had assumed that it was a friends and friends-of things when I met a complete stranger at a Portuguese language meetup and she leaned in for a social kiss, too. Time to blush and get flustered all over again.

    (By the way, the protocol is not the same in all cheek-kissing countries; Venezuelans kiss one one cheek. It’s so complicated! Where’s the O’Reilly book?)

  5. WTF Damn you scooba steve!!!
    hmmmm i don’t understand what i am trying to say. so good luck with this and i am thinking it would be 100% fine with guys for girls to do this. 🙂

  6. Venezuelan women and only 1 Kiss ??? Now that`s a shame 🙂

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