Friday 12 March 2004

best rhymes so far

Though it only began a mere few days before, the “finish the rhyme” challenge has brought about some worthy responses. So far, my favorites are:

From Keith (most cynical)
To solve this problem
I just call her Molly
‘Cause spelling her last name blows.

From Bruce (funniest)
And the Dunstan howls:
“there’s not enough vowels!
And that’s the root cause of my woes!”

From Worfie (sweetest)
Avoid all the pain
And just call her Molly
The Babe with the beauty that flows.

From Drew (most non-sensical)
I’ve got to admit
The location it hits
Can send Z leaping over the holes.

And Karl M. gets an honorable mention not for his contribution, but for pre-disqualifying himself so I don’t have to.

I’ll continue to take “finish the rhyme” entries from anyone still interested for a couple of days while I’m traveling, then when comments are closed we’ll figure out which one wins the day.

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Comments (25)

  1. None of that even rhymes.

  2. i was gonna delete that nasty spam, but since Keith has a point maybe i won’t. 😉

  3. i am the rapper in the world

    rap is the math
    over the fence
    some one likes rap
    i think its crap
    writting rhymes
    this is my first time
    if u wana fight
    dont mess with my guys.
    your name is nick
    his name is mic
    wana come and suck my dick !!!

  4. shit is fuking wack

  5. Yo , Im looking 4 a very nice fight, it all happened when i went to the molly website,this wuz a crazy moment in time , when i wrote a rhyme, that didn’t worth a dime,sorry even if this is stupid goodnight

  6. a ryhme about molly?
    i can try, but my mind would stall me/
    i dont even know her, but i reverse the stall when i soak my brain in coffee/
    a caffeine kick, now my last dreams trip into reality
    its trapped me in a galaxy where spiders spin “webs”/
    adding three w’s (www) a task that has grabbed me instead/
    soaring cyber, while she there laying in bed/
    we’ll never meet, maybe when dead?/
    for now our spirits link with lyrics thats read/
    as a masked man ill make an appearance flicked quick in her head/

  7. I am not 2 good at writing lyrics i freestyle this is okay if u read it all thanks for reading email me bk on what u think plz As i said u have to read it all and i am not da best writer its good but not as good as when i freestyle okay bye. ENJOY

    Yo yo
    does not sit and home playing wit her dolly/
    sure she a real lady/
    not wanting a baby/
    it may be crazy/
    i think maybe/
    she is beauitful/(never seen her though)
    she would like me/
    awarding winning MC/
    so bring it 2 me baby/
    I,ve been rapping since i was 4 years old/
    only know this story is being told/
    when i freestyle i’m cold/
    colder than North Pole/
    Molly has such a soul/
    i’m dissin my enemy Noel/
    wishin he could turn coal/
    into gold/
    get of hold/
    of ur self ur life sucks/
    u cant even read books/
    u have no knowledge/
    so why u even coming to college/
    how did u get in/
    u cant win/
    so i’ll cut ur skin/

    When i tangle/
    I break u up and dismantle/
    i’m 2 hot to handle/
    i can low u out like a candle/

    This is another verse/
    rhymes never get a rehearse/
    noel i lieave u in herse/
    u have rasied this curse/
    no nurse/
    can help u/
    as i continue to melt u/
    no lady even felt u/
    cos ur ugly/
    playing urself in da tree/
    u aint me/
    u aint no g/
    so move away/
    i aint here 2 play/
    do what i say/
    before i make u play/
    in this game i’m here to stay/

  8. Molly/
    is more beauitful than molly holly/
    from WWE/
    not that i watch wrestling it aint for me/
    Molly is great/
    she never late/
    always ready to debate/
    she a true lady/
    i’m wish u was wit me/
    as my boo/
    wot i woudl not do/
    2 be close to u/
    this is how i feel/
    inside i begin to peel/
    fighting it is real/
    to ahrd to seel da way i feel/
    i would love to cook u a meal/
    a producer beggint o give me a deal/
    for my freestyle/
    I just wanna make u smile/
    i can have lyrics that are vile/
    i can battle like 8 mile/
    but i wanna to write something postive/
    for the year 2005/
    i feel so alive/
    talking about no 45/
    and other such guns/
    respect and take care of ur suns/
    i can rap using similles and puns/
    it easy/
    for me/
    the award winning mc/
    to rap and out out molly/
    when i see u i’ll be like golly/
    seen so pretty/
    such a pity/
    she has a man she aint wit me/
    cos all beauitful (good perosnality and GSOH) ladies always have a G/
    behing them/
    to surrond them/
    how does this sound to them/
    Take a listen Eminem/
    bye molly plz email me on my 2 lyrics from da MIC

  9. im uneekmc i spit the best,
    rip mollys tits right from her chest,
    and feel the rest of the bloddy flesh,
    soak it up drain it out,
    and pumping the arms fucken sure dont count/
    somedays i just sit alone,beat off to girlys talking over the phone /

  10. –Have that.
    >Microphone jaw combine, tongue dance grooving.
    -cruising, steady on the track not moving.
    -TCP acknowledgement, connection-oriented.
    -Technological flow, Akilus yes invented.
    -7 Delta 5 Hexadecimal equivalent.
    -2005 be the decimal equivalent.
    -For those who didn’t get it how I spit it in the cryptic.
    -Log on to your Terminal before you get evicted.
    -and Realize whats going on to upgrade your chip.
    -Yo, I’m talking on the Network w/ the protocol RIP.
    -Moving up the model layer 4 now I’m in.
    -cause All People Seem To Need Data Processing.
    -This rhyme for the IT world living at large.
    -and all the Hackers out there get credit w/out the charge.
    -Barge down Firewall access to the core.
    -No matter your encryption bit-rate I know more.
    -Light years ahead if it ah thousand times the Na no.
    -Damaging your brain process lyrical Ammo.
    -Akilus spit-it no curse word verse rehearse.
    -Collision UDP Hospital, here comes the Nurse.

  11. all ya’ll are wack i’m the best eliminatin the rest
    i fucked all yo mamas in bed but they were fakin in sex
    anonymous, anonymous big hippopotamous
    comin down to the ground like some big ass dominoes
    got no time to read stanzas this ain’t no extravaganza
    i be swift to kill talk show hosts like tony danza
    masta blaze blows the torch out leavin a unanimous decision
    i win by default so i send smoke balls up in here to fuck up yo vision

  12. wack lines, y’all need to check out the number syllables in adjacent lines…

  13. f*** this website yo all rhymes are s***
    watch my rap so shutup and sit
    yo all wangstas
    i dont even try to be gansta
    i love rap
    yo raps are crap
    even yo grandmas are better then all
    rip mollys face of so she cant see with her eyeballs

  14. the rap thats above me is a joke!!! ah ah ah

  15. This is a rap that I made up before butt I pretend that my cats rap it


    all the police catch me spaying on the walls
    my homies protect me and shoot the poice and say f*** the law
    my homies are choppin police like jason voorhies
    while i shoot the homeless people and it hurts like bubble bees
    I have my freestyle in the hood at the night
    when i walk in the door i see flashing cameras and shining lights
    the cops jump in and says to everybody freeze
    I shoot the cops and and step on them like bacon and cheese
    I said to the cops you betta get your nees on tha floor
    cops come to my house and blast on my door


    ay yo ima kick ass all night long for my homies
    yo f*ckin asses running to yo mommas and yo f*ckin cops running back to your house like bonny
    and yo f*ckin n*ggas runn your ass back to your ponnys
    yo betta remember that cause i want you to know me
    raza shrp nails like jason voorhies
    also sharp like a bumbble bee
    ima twist the world to 100- degreeze
    making big ice ages so yo cops to freeze
    we are going to california or florida with a boat
    all cops freezing saying mommy i need my coat

  16. the rap above me is called “freak the law” the one with Simba and me

  17. DEAR,molly

    this website is cool because you can make your raps in this
    website and I never founda website you can put your raps
    in i always wanted someone to see my raps i want every body
    in this website read the rap i put down the one thats called
    “f*** the law”

  18. this is a rhyme i wrote called {Never Discoverd}it is in progress but this is part of how it goes

    i would never fight a war for this assholes reasons
    i would never fight for somthing i dont even belevie in
    i will rather be locked up and convicted of treason
    this country is feining the american dream and
    its suddenly drifting so far from me
    i never felt so alone but felt so strong
    i know what is up and i know its wrong
    this shit that has gone on now for a little to long
    everything is perishable for money and power
    they even go as far as destroying the towers
    the president wont admit it hes to much a coward
    this place has grew sour
    watch LOOSE CHANGE for a hour
    understanding this goverment is very corrupted
    assianations planned but easily covered
    planning these facts were never discovered!

  19. here is my new rap

    mess with me i’ll kill ya
    by putting a shell in ya
    im tired of tellin ya
    so im gonna start chokin ya
    my brain got crazy
    i think i got rabys
    i’ll smack ya across the face then you be crying like a little baby
    you think im a jock i got ak-47 rapped around my back
    i’ll knock ya down like you have a heart attach
    im not gangsta
    but i am vicious
    slam ya head with all my dishs

  20. this is a rap that is better than Oxicke Keatley

    nigga im a badass gangsta
    not a bicth ass wangsta nigga if i knock ya niggaz down on the ground ill make ya skip town
    ill make ya run to da cops alot
    ima spit at you
    and say shit that will adict you
    im from da ghetto
    i put my foot on the pedal
    ridin wit metal to beat ya ass devil
    im coolwit niggaz that has good flows
    not cool wit niggaz wit no fuckin flow
    yo hoe,no one fucks wit my flow
    thats why i get da doe
    im so ghetto i can survive in da snow
    cauz im a beast that out of control hoe

  21. this is a rap no one could do better

    nigga whatsup
    you start wit all da bullshit ill self-destruct
    go crazy on ya throwin gernaide,smoke gernaides and blastin bullets on auto on ya
    dont think im just talkin about you
    ill fuck all ya crew
    dats why they go pee pee when they see mee
    dowe have to get into a fight do we
    if so take it at nite nigga
    if ya prepared for this watch for the knife nigga
    i fucked ya momma last nite
    i aint gonna be polite
    so imma fuck ya momma again tonight
    keep doing it again, and again
    into ya cry like a pussy ass nigga every now and then

  22. me and tupac and biggie smalls is the greatest rappers in da world but im not a pro at rapping

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