Thursday 11 March 2004

death by ipod

A Memphis woman, upset with the fact that her boyfriend erased 2,000 MP3 files from her iPod because she’d been file trading, bludgeoned him with said iPod until he died.

You can read coverage of this very not-real incident at Headlined News. Funny is as funny does and all that, but really, I know for a fact if any boyfriend of mine went into any of my files and erased them on purpose I would kill him, too.

Then I’d get a really good lawyer and try to figure out how to blame it on the RIAA.

Hat Tip: Christopher Schmitt.

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Comments (8)

  1. I love my iPod. It amazes me how something made of metal and plastic can be so warm and furry. That makes no sense at all and I like it like that. Anyway Molly. You are a new discovery for me, welcome to my blogroll.

  2. Strange story. they must have not been in love very much. I can’t believe anybody would get that crazy over a stupid computer toy, but of course i couldn’t ever live with a republican, either.
    I accidentally found you site while looking for the Molly Screw company web site..Pete

  3. My iPod I could handle. I’m pretty paranoid about losing it or having it stolen, so I always back up my music. My laptop on the other hand… Anyone messing with that risks taking serious violence from me real quick.

  4. I’ve heard this story about the iPod bludgeoning many times, but I am left with one burning question:

    Did the iPod still work afterwards???

  5. i have had an ipod for several months not once have i thought of killing people with it. Now i have read this storey i feel like physically abusing my mother with my ipod thank u

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