Wednesday 10 March 2004

finish the rhyme

The inimitable Dunstan has started a little poem about my last name, but can’t seem to find quite the right last line.

Molly’s name
Is hard to spell
I never get it right
I think there’s a H
and I know there’s a G
But that Z always gives me a fright

Where does it live?
By whom does it sit?
Is there anyone out there who knows?
[your text goes here]

And yeah, please avoid the obvious 😉

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Comments (30)

  1. It’s actually the last 3 lines that are needed…

  2. whoops! so sorry. 1 line, two lines, 3 lines, four . . .

  3. Let’s give this a try then … and cheers to Dunstan from Olympia, Washington:

    The L and the S …

    P’raps it gives them a split

    Man, that Z just looks better in prose!

  4. i think if Molly would smile more often or upload pictures, that would be all the poetry necessary

  5. To solve this problem
    I just call her Molly
    ‘Cause spelling her last name blows.

  6. Could someone untangle

    This Gordian knot,

    Because there’s this dude I know who’s, like, really good at Scrabble, and I’d like to smoke him with Molly’s last name. I mean, I know they don’t allow proper nouns, but I can probably just make up some lame definition like “holzschlag” means a Hungarian prison or something, LOL!

  7. I’ve eaten my lunch,

    And my bath has grown cold.

    I say, sir, do you have my cat?

  8. Ok, I’m over my free-verse phase. How about:

    It makes it so hard

    To search for her blog,

    Instead, I just watch webcam-hoes.

  9. And the Dunstan howls:
    “there’s not enough vowels!
    And *that’s* the root cause of my woes!”

  10. Avoid all the pain
    And just call her Molly
    The “Babe” with the beauty that flows.

    (Snoogins Darlin’. 😉 )

  11. I’ve got to admit
    The location it hits
    Can send Z leaping over the holes

    .. well, it doesn’t quite make sense, but I have to win some points for effort..?

  12. Who won? Oh pick me pick me pick me

  13. “If U speak German, it’s ‘Holds And Hits’.”

  14. Oh, gosh, I’m disqualified.. I missed

    >And yeah, please avoid the obvious 😉

    So even though it’s right AND it rhymes, I lose?

    I HATE this contest!

  15. I think Drew was onto something… 🙂


    I think the big key,
    to placing that Z,
    make a mnemonic that shows…


    How Often, the Letter Z in Scrabble Lusts After Greatness.

    [tis one of the cleaner versions]

  16. heh, forgot the C now, jeez.

    How Often, the Letter Z in Scrabble Carefully Lusts After Greatness

    Can one Carefully Lust? [hmm?]
    could use crazilly lusts?
    Craves and Lusts

    ah, well, you get the idea. 🙂

    [I am an example why someone created editors.]

  17. heh, and the H.

    How Often, the Letter Z in Scrabble Clearly Hopes and Lusts After Greatness

    Needs some work, or change the last name?

  18. Molly’s name
    Is hard to spell
    I never get it right
    I think there’s a H
    and I know there’s a G
    But that Z always gives me a fright

    Where does it live?
    By whom does it sit?
    Is there anyone out there who knows?
    “It sits on the curve and
    Comes straight from ‘ell”,
    Is the best I can do, I suppose.

  19. The last line

    Please respond to me in prose

  20. at least you can count
    on the character amount
    if you spell it all out on your toes (10)

  21. The rest of the line goes like this:-)

    As it starts from our insides
    and travels this way
    in search for the lost, collides

    What do they talk if they had to
    who’s will start and
    who’s return and who’s follow

    Where were they on to
    and where did they stop
    ignorant of thy purpose meant to

    Time, it returns them in manifold
    back to us, in oblivion
    where we hang on hopes, our only hold

    Perennial flow against hands of time
    in this mime they call, life
    Will linger, even after last requeim

    Thoughts you thought could be penned
    but, couldn pour
    reached this heart and my fingers wrote

    Having writ these, the pen wait
    for your heart to think again and
    then these paused fingers gait..

  22. ============================================
    As poet’s names sprawl,
    Her surname takes all –
    It even surpasses Cocteau’s
    It’s best to forget
    What one cannot get,
    And just use an H., I suppose.
    Beyond the position
    Would be just one mission:
    To make sure her name never grows!
    Those damn crazy Germans
    And die eggs and die spermen,
    And their overly cozy chateaus!
    But whatever the placement,
    Avoid the debasement
    Of sending her xmas ho-ho’s.
    Someone once knew,
    But it drove him askew,
    And out on the glacier, he froze.
    Tattooed on a hamster
    I think is the answer
    Thank goodness that rodents lack clothes.
    I’ve got to find out
    Before painting the trout,
    And buying the stencils at Loew’s.

  23. Eh, someone said the German translation for “Holzschlag” is “Holds and Hits” … and it’s not. Possibly the translater confused the noun “Holz/wood” with the verb “halten/to hold”. “Schlag” on its own translates to “a hit”, but this is a compound word, and has come to mean something different.

    Holzschlag (a masculine noun – “der Holzschlag”) literally means “woodscrew”. It’s a metal screw that can be driven into wood with a screwdriver. As a last name, it might have originated from someone working with lumber.

  24. The Englishman said
    We pronounce your Zee “zed”
    ‘Twixt the Ell and the Ess it goes.

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