Monday 8 March 2004

sing soprano for me

Wait! First, from the ongoing to-whom-are-you-compared topic, here’s another one. Actress Aida Turturro, who plays the wonderfully disturbed sister of the Soprano’s main guy, Tony Soprano.

photographic comparison of molly and actress aida turturro

Now, about the Sopranos. I was disappointed with last night’s season premier of The Sopranos. I felt most every plot point was contrived. The pick-up scenes with Tony and Dr. Melfi were a total let-down, very forced. After years of building intensity between the two, it was just a bad crash. Can they save it?

The mainline for me (children cover your eyes and ears) was the snap from Loggia about getting out of prison after twenty years and finding it astonishing that it’s become conventional for women to shave their pussies.

Buscemi will be interesting to watch but I think the show hyped his role too much. The Sopranos has always been great because of chilling subtlety. Last night I instead was bashed over the head with details that in the past would have been described through interesting flashbacks, alluring innuendo and rich subtext.

Prior beyond compares include the almost infamous Edward Scissorhands look-alike and a few comparisons tossed at me by other people.

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  1. … er: which is which?

  2. hummm. errrr……. edwina sissorhands and a shaved #####. that could be dangerous.especially if she also did circumcisions. but then she would make an excellent hitlady for the mob.????

  3. I don’t want to think about what happens when I sing soprano.

  4. Isn’t it waxing not shaving? (“Read my lips: NO MORE BUSH!”)

  5. sorry, that was “burning bush” i read it in the bible and that means according to the bible code they have been running around with bald pubes since BCE. the REAL story is that Delila shaved and lost all her strength an Samson said “The
    Pubesteines are upon you” meaning a bunch of ancient people with teen angst and pimples. or was that chapter four of “Lord of the Loincloths”? anyway it was probably already invented by Ron Popeil and sold on late night TV along with his “hair in a spray can”.

  6. Hi, fellow Tucson blogger. Not sure yet if I’m doing this but I thought I’d pass along the info to everyone in our blogring…

  7. so predictable. leave it to a bunch of aging guys with too much time on their hands to hone in on the one prurient aspect of my post.

    Wax it, shave it, either way, it’s definitely a trend of the past decade or so. Until I was in my mid-thirties I’d never heard of a non-entertainer even doing anything like that, and the only time I ever had I let a boyfriend shave me for fun and then suffered the itchies for a week as it started growing back. Of course, we have better techniques now for keeping the ol’ trim, trim.

    Now back to your normally scheduled presentation.

  8. dang, aging guy with too much time on my hands? should avoid comments on anything to do with hyped up shows about supposed “mob” = ha. oh well back to the nursing home and a bar of Lifebouy.

  9. Hey, I don’t have time to watch TV, so I’ll have my fun when I can }:-)>

    & isn’t “innuendo” Italian for Greek?

  10. Yes, we tend to be upright, straightforward, and too the point…maybe even a little rigid…

  11. Yes, we tend to be upright, straightforward, and to the point…maybe even a little rigid…

  12. OK, how’d I double-post? }:-/>

  13. I also thought the first episode was a letdown, but then most first episodes in this series are, except Season One’s. It usually takes until the second or third one until I really get into it.

    I agree that the Jennifer Melfi-Tony Soprano attempted romance is a bad direction in which to take the script and it really rings false.

    But it can’t be great all the time. I still think it’s a brilliant series and I am looking forward to tonight’s episode with my usual mixture of joy and dread.

  14. I think blogs are a self-indulgent waste of time and I can’t be bothered.

    But I think I’d like to.

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