Thursday 30 April 2009

I’ve Been Having an Affair

Ha, gotcha! Thought I had some sizzling gossip about my love life? I’ve learned the hard way that the less sizzling and the more loving, the more lively I feel.

So now that I’ve grabbed your attention, what I really want to address is the fact that this poor blog is so abandoned of late, and in real need of attention both in terms of content, and technical issues (can you say RSS feeds are still mucked up?). Even a design refresh would be in order. But, as is so often the case, the shoemaker’s kids have no shoes, and the painter’s house is never painted.

Or, has alumininum siding.

I could blame a lot of factors: heavy workload, travel schedule, laziness. But none of that is true. What is true, however, is the time I used to spend on this blog, now close to its 10th anniversary, has ended up being spent instead with another socially oriented technology: Twitter.

Why has Twitter captured my fascination so? I think because it’s made for people like me, who, while quite capable of planning and executing articles, are by nature spontaneous. Twitter has appealed to my stream of consciousness style of unloading thoughts moment by moment in order to make way for the next thought demanding attention.

So yes, I’ve been having an affair. Ah, my dear blog, and dearest blog readers, I think it’s time to find a new model. I don’t want to give up blogging-a true love and passion, but this Twitter thing has kept me distracted for years now, and my attention here is, in a word, shameful. Perhaps it even qualifies as emotional blog abuse.

While I can’t leave Twitter while the affair is so strong, I can’t leave my blog either. So I have to say I’m sorry, and I will work on being more attentive, loving and caring in upcoming months.

Forgive me?

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Saturday 11 April 2009

Why is this Browser Different from All Other Browsers?

As folks might be aware, there’s a passage during the Passover seder where children ask about the meaning of Passover, using a series of four questions with an introductory question:

Why is this night different than all other nights?

So I’m thinking “hey, this would be great fun to turn into a Passover/Easter game” surrounding your favorite, or not so favorite, Web browsers. So let’s ask the primary question, and you come up with answers.

Why is this browser different than all other browsers?

If you’d like to take it a bit further and play off of the four questions themselves all the more fun we can have!

Maybe if we are sincere enough in our query, a Web standards prophet will come to lead us all to browser freedom.

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