Tuesday 24 March 2009

One of These Links is Not Like the Others

I was over on LinkedIn adding contacts and updating bio, when on my profile page I noticed a list of generated links “Viewers of this profile also viewed . . .”

The list, as you can see in both the screen shot and listed names, is simply a classic. But I’ll leave it up to you to decide which one of these links is simply not like the others.

list of links

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Thursday 19 March 2009

Which Browser do You Use?

Today is the official IE8 release date. I’m here at MIX09, where conversations about IE8 CSS 2.1 implementation and IE8 modes are in full swing. Since I’m on a fact-finding mission while here, I shall reserve my comments until I’ve had a few more meetings.

Last night at the Tao party I was interviewed by a fellow from Prague who asked some great questions, one of which was “Which browser do you use, Molly?” This strikes me as a particularly funny question, because there can only be one answer for a person in my job, which is “all of them.”

Of course, there’s a difference between use and prefer, but we’ll shy away from that for a moment while we answer the question: Which browser do you use?

Extra love from me (and maybe even an Opera beer cozie) for a few points as to why (for example, interface, CSS features, extensibility, tools, etc.)

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Wednesday 18 March 2009

CSS3 Panel Slides from SXSWi

These are the CSS3 panel slides from SXSW Interactive. As the moderator, I apologize to the 40+ people who could not get into the room. It was a really informative and fun panel, so we’ve made these slides available to the public at large to extend that information.

Please enjoy and be sure to try things out in a variety of browsers. Feel free to share your comments and thoughts here.

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Saturday 7 March 2009

Five Favorite HTML Elements

Today I’m in a “gee, I feel like starting a conversation about HTML” mood, so g’wan. List your top five favorite HTML elements from any version of HTML (including 5). Describe why you love this element, how you tend to use it (or if it’s obsolete, why you wish it weren’t), and include any tips for styling, scripting or cross-browser issues regarding the element.

Your list should contain only HTML elements, but your descriptions can include any CSS or script samples, links to your  own work (go ahead, show off your stuff!) and any other related techniques you’d like to talk about.

There’s a book, t-shirt and other swag available to the top three most interesting entries. There’s nothing fair about the way I’ll give these out, it’ll be based solely on the top three responses I think are most interesting, useful or in need of an in-depth response.

Ready, set, GO!

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Thursday 5 March 2009

Google Maps Street View: Oopsie!

Was checking out maps of the area so I can find my way from here to there and back again. Lo and behold, this is what I stumbled across with street view:

car crash, or nearly

I wonder how often this type of thing has actually been found on street view. It’s so very funny, but not.

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