Sunday 26 October 2008

Flashback: Way Back! Me at 19

Here’s a photo of me at 19 years of age, close to three decades ago! I’m inside one of the smaller Toltec pyramids at Teotihuacan, Mexico.

The photo was taken by my friend long passed, Jack Schwanke.

Me at 19 in Teotihuacan Mexico

This of course was not digital, just taken with a cheap camera, commercially processed, put in a box for 10 years and scanned at some point.

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Friday 24 October 2008

Sing Along: Common People

I’m losing all my teeth USA
you forgot to get the dentist on my union plan
despite the begging of the common man

Sure he’s limping after years of cutting hay
you forgot to tell him to keep his ankle out of the way
despite what the common people had to say.

Ain’t a Capitalist
Ain’t a Communist
Believe in Conversations
Without the Altercations

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Thursday 23 October 2008


Voluneers Wanted

I mean, like, ouch.

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Molly.Com, Inc. No More?

Today I learned that my company, Molly.Com, Inc. goes the way of poor banks and bad stocks.

People forget to pay, I forget to ask, and I’ve never been audacious enough to ask for donations for I have no idea what I can return.

Molly.Com won’t be going anywhere, but the company itself as a U.S. incorporation is no more. I’ve now returned to the life of a sole proprieter.

It was a grand few decades.

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Thursday 9 October 2008



This is Honey Bunny, insisting on having a tan right in front of my monitor.

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Wednesday 8 October 2008

Educational Pathways for Web Professionals

Somehow I missed this WOW Tech Minute interview where I discuss with Bill Cullifer education pathways for Web designers and developers. In particular, I’m interested in and discuss how “hybrid” minds develop and evolve. There’s video, audio and text available.

Let me know your thoughts!

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