Monday 16 June 2008

Hooters: Not A Fair Place to Speak Geek

I just was informed by a friend that there’s a “Geek Meet” in Tucson this week, to be held at the local Hooters. For those unfamiliar Hooters is a restaurant that is clearly geared toward men, with women in little shorts and tight tiny tops serving up hot wings and chicken fingers.

Now I like attractive, sexy people as much as the next person, but c’mon. Isn’t this just a little way to send a message to women that they aren’t welcome unless they are there to shake and serve?

I have NO problem with the existence of Hooters, or women with fabulous breasts, or people who want to enjoy that. I DO have a problem with the message this kind of event sends, whether it was intended as such or not.

(Update: The organizers have changed the venue and have explicitly stated they DO want more women to join in the conversation. Thank you for that, my friends).

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Comments (57)

  1. And on another note: do all ‘networking’ events need to take place at a bar or club? I like to have a pint of beer now and again, however I have known more than a few folks struggling with alcoholism that are left out of the networking game. Nevermind those of us that simply think trying to discuss current trends in web development while shouting over the latest bump-and-grind tune is a fruitless effort. Maybe they are better suited to carry the title ‘mixer’. Pun intended.

  2. Not really a suitable place for a Geek Meet-up (I’m glad the organisers woke-up and changed the venue!)

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  4. As A hooters girl, the geek meet is probably most likely to get computer guys shy guys who don’t talk to girls ever.. to come in ,, If your surrounded by people you relate too then you’ll feel comfortable. Geek week might not be what hooters has labeled it as, that could be the community itself or the geeks has labeled it.. We also have are you smarter than a hooters girl.. thats kind of geared towards were dumb .. but we take no offense it’s trivia and it’s fun! hooters is not like oo come in look at the girls .. not all of them have boobs and there rules on wearing the uniform, no cheeks hanging out.. your stomach is covered and theres space rules between you and the customer .. people come to hooters to see the girls, were friendly we are sort of like therapist’s with out degrees were just here to listen thats all!

  5. I would take it as them saying they don’t want anyone to go.

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