Saturday 24 May 2008

Working Group by Numbers

Do the numbers tell a story?

Here is a breakdown of a W3C Working Group by number of representatives and their origin. The question I’m thinking about is whether the number of reps per given organization relates to influence, and if so, to what measurable degree?

Sample working group representatives by origin

# of Reps Organization
1 Adobe
2 Antenna House, Inc.
3 Apple, Inc.
3 HP
7 Microsoft Corporation
3 Mozilla Foundation
3 Opera Software
5 Other – Individual, independent company reps
1 Sun Microsystems, Inc
1 University member
6 W3C Invited Experts/Staff

There are several variables, one very important one is that just because there’s a currently listed representative in a group doesn’t mean that representative participates as much or at all. A related variable would be that certain long-term participants who do a lot of work will naturally have earned merit-based influence within a group.

Tell me what you think.

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Comments (179)

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