Saturday 17 May 2008

Musing About Online Laughter

Amusing, isn’t it, to think about what makes us laugh? Humor (Humour?) relies on so many facets of human emotion and experience. It gets even more complicated when multiple languages and cultural references are involved, as so often occurs in online discourse.

I’ve been dissecting puns and humor (humour?) in my latest posts and Tweets. I can see why some of them would make absolutely no sense to someone who didn’t have the linguistic and cultural references of which I’m aware. Yet, others will, and do. And of course, I amuse myself a lot, even if others find me overwhelming, brutish, unladylike or god-forbid, boringl

Let’s dissect some of your puns and humor (humour?) Please share a quote from something you yourself wrote or said via online means that you find funny. All languages welcome.

Let’s have some fun!

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Comments (71)

  1. thank you good works

  2. humor – American English
    humour – British English :))

    Thnx. Good article

  3. Let’s dissect some of your puns and humor (humour?) you halp me.

  4. fatura ödeme sistemleri , fatura ödeme bayilik

  5. Onlien parça kontör tam kontör yükleme merkezi

  6. thank you very much text thanks

  7. Very very goood ,Thank you…

  8. Thank you Molly, congratulations

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