Sunday 30 March 2008


Courtesy of Eric Meyer comes this honoring of the new CSS WG Charter and meeting this past week in San Diego, California.

It’s up on Flickr but I figured I’d drop it here for everyone to enjoy until I get a chance to write up some thoughts about the meeting. Today Shamu has a higher specificity and therefore all conflicts are resolved until after Seaworld.

LOLspec: by Eric Meyer


Please also note that this photo is actually two years old from the W3C Plenary in France. It doesn’t accurately reflect the current group members and invited experts.

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Monday 24 March 2008

For the Love of Maps (where to go from here)

Since childhood, maps have captured me. It’s not a unique conquest – many of us love to study maps.

Maybe it was my father beside me, driving along and asking where next? I was always the best at maps, and my dad liked me for it.

It could be that travel is so important to me for my love of maps, but I know so many other people who’ve expressed this same passion.

For the Love of Maps!

Now we should figure out where we go from here.

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Saturday 15 March 2008

Your Best Pop, Your Worst

NEEDING TO GET AWAY FROM STANDARDS and browsers and conferences, I’m interested in a conversation about the best and worst pop culture right now.

Whether journalism, fiction, television, film, photography, illustration, diaries or mixes thereof, I really need your help expanding my horizons.

It can only help!

I’ve been watching “Ashes to Ashes” and waiting for a new episode of the “Big Bang Theory.”

What are you following? Reading? Watching? Doing?

Share your worst, your best!

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Sunday 9 March 2008

A Jewish Girl’s Thoughts on The Seven Deadly Sins

  • Lust: Not a sin.
  • Gluttony: Not a sin. Unless you don’t share what you have!
  • Greed: A sin.
  • Sloth: Rest only when weary.
  • Wrath: It happens sometimes.
  • Envy: Only that the health of our youth is not equivalent to the wisdom of a greater age.
  • Pride: a sin only if truly misplaced.

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    Wednesday 5 March 2008

    IE8 Beta and Readiness Toolkit

    Here it is folks, an actual IE8 beta, overview of features, changes and enhancements, and a readiness toolkit for developers.

    Check it out, now, my web soul brothers and sisters!

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    Monday 3 March 2008

    Celebrate, C’mon! IE8 Standards Mode To Be Default

    By now you’ve likely read about the big news regarding Microsoft’s commitment to a more interoperable Web, starting with the very good news that standards mode in IE8 will now ship as default.

    I’m off to MIX08 tomorrow, and will be attending the keynotes as well as developer discussions on IE8 and additional events surrounding Microsoft’s agenda moving forward. I’ll post more as I’m able.

    In the meantime, I just want to shout out a thanks for all the hard work it took this year to keep the IE8 conversation open and alive. We’ve been through some bumpy times, and I for one know that people on the inside of Microsoft faced an enormous amount of pressure in trying to keep that conversation in the public eye.

    To all who worked so very hard from both the inside and outside, I toast your dedication, your willingness to challenge what would otherwise be the status quo, and I think it’s really worth taking a celebratory moment to realize that at least for now, the community voice can, and does, truly make a difference.

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