Thursday 8 November 2007

mathematical integral equation for web versioning

humorous way of calculating web versioning

A bit of levity during the W3C TPAC from the wonderful T.V. Raman, presenting the closing panel of the day, Cracks & Mortars.

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Comments (13)

  1. Humor so geeky, it requires advanced coursework to grasp. Sure wish I’d had that advanced coursework…

  2. I wish I could take classes from Raman. If I’d had had advanced coursework from someone as brilliant and entertaining as him, I think I’d have been a lot better at Ye Olde Maths.

  3. The joy of programming is that tomorrow that will be a function which I’ll just be able to call without having to worry about the underlying mathematical abstraction which I might have needed coursework to understand. 🙂


    I have a feeling the problem might be with working out its return type (unless it just returns a WebVersion object). If we knew that we’d be very very rich indeed… nope I’m not smart enough to understand the math either but I tried my best to hide it lol.

  4. The math equation under discussion counts the number of possible
    subsets of a set of size N.

    Basically, if you:

    A) Let W denote the set of all Web resources addressible via

    B) Realize that there is nothing special about pairwise mashups,
    and that it is possible to combine arbitrary subsets of Web
    resources where it makes sense

    Then you get:

    (W Choose 0) + (W Choose 1) + … (W Choose W) = 2^W.

    Note that the above is a *huge* number.
    What’s more, the moment you’ve instantiated your new mashup based
    on what’s available on the Web,
    if you deploy your mashup right, it immediately increases the
    size of the Web.

    And you dont even need to wire up a peice of fruit-cake a la
    Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy to construct this particular
    Total Perspective Vortex!

  5. So Raman, you’re really just saying it’s all 42?

  6. Yes, it is 42… or at least divisors of 6 and 7…


  7. Please don’t ask him for the meaning for 42.
    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish 😉

  8. So Raman, you’re really just saying it’s all 42?

  9. Looks very interesting!
    Thanks very much.

  10. Gute Info, danke Molly

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