Thursday 1 November 2007

W3C TPAC Upcoming

The “all hands” meeting of the W3C, combining the Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee meetings commences next week in what is certain to be an historic event.

This is the first time we’ll see the HTML 5 Working Group Members and its many Invited Experts meet en masse and face to face. The CSS Working Group, the QA working group and the WAI working group meetings are all on my personal lists for participation, along with the most important aspect of any conference of this nature: Talking to and meeting as many folks as I can.

On Wednesday, November 7, I am beyond honored to host the opening panel presentation for the Technical Plenary itself. Joining me in “From the Outside, In” will be Aaron Gustafson, Patrick Haney, Matthew Oliphant and Stephanie Troeth whose individual experiences span many aspects of real-world issues as influenced by W3C policies and practices.

I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the many people at the W3C and in the industry in general to have honored this group a unique opportunity to build bridges between the working communities of the Web and its most revered academic and scientific body, the World Wide Web Consortium.

From the Outside, In: Real World Perspectives on the W3C

Whether you’re a Web designer, developer, usability specialist or work in any one of the myriad jobs that go into making great Web sites, it’s clear that the W3C has significant influence on how you work. Whether it’s via the specifications that go into the software and agents that you use daily, or as the cornerstone of educational material, the W3C is involved somewhere in the process.

But it’s also clear that there’s been a gap between the real-world and the internal workings of the W3C. As Working Groups such as HTML 5 and CSS become more open, so must our conversations open. In this session, the W3C will have the opportunity to listen to real-world perspectives, respond to criticisms and praise and keep alive the ongoing commitment to authentic conversation and active community participation.

The panel:

  • Molly E. Holzschlag (Web Standards and Practices Education and Outreach, Molly.Com, Inc.)
  • Patrick Haney (Harvard)
  • Matthew Oliphant (MathWorks)
  • Stephanie Troeth (CloudRaker)
  • Aaron Gustafson (Easy! Designs, Inc.)

We will also have a post-session q&a in the hallway near the presentation room, as well as dedicated Birds of a Feather tables set aside for ongoing discussion at lunch that day.

Am I excited? You bet. Idealistic, well always. Optimistic? Verdict is still out. In the meantime, this feels like forward movement and I, for one, want to be part of that momentum.

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Comments (44)

  1. I’m hoping for at least one game of Werewolf during the week. If that happens, I’ll be happy.

  2. I’m looking forward to it as well. I think this group will have a great discussion about the W3C and how it effects us in our different industries and work settings. Plus the Q&A period is sure to drive some interesting discussion afterwards.

    See you soon!

  3. What’s this “web standard” thing I keep hearing about. Can I pay extra for some “web premium?”

    I am looking forward to the questions, too. It’s going to be an interesting panel.

  4. Looking in from the outside, the top issue that springs to mind is the W3C just isn’t matching the pace of the industry. We have an industry which is noted – notorious? – for running at a “sprint to keep up” pace; yet the W3C is regularly described as moving at a “glacial” pace.

    I know there are many, many reasons for this – but the reasons for the problem don’t stop it *being* a problem. I think it’s a key factor in the crisis of faith some people are having with the W3C.

  5. I’m very interested in openness of standardizing process – see you on Wednesday!

  6. Hi everyone! Thanks for the posts so far my darlings. I do miss Kaz and want to say:

    @Kazuhito: I’m so glad you’ll be there. It’s been a while and I’m very excited to meet you again, my friend. Yours always, Molly.

  7. Have spent the last two years looking at, reading and studying the processes of standards development, evolution, implementation, impact, effect, etc. With all honesty, respect and kindness, the ‘standards movement’ reminds me of a monkey house at the San Diego, CA zoo. What is done or not done will have little impact upon me in the same manner that I have upon it .. as it should. It will continue to be the markets that make the critical decisions, determine what is of value and what is needed.

    That was opinion and observation tendered from a true outsider.

  8. Kevin, can I get in on that game of Werewolf? I’ve never played it before but have heard a lot of people talk about how much fun it is.

    Molly, seems like I’ve been reading your blog forever. I look forward to finally meeting you next week. I’m excited to hear what you and the gang have to say at your panel.

  9. I’m excited to get a chance to participate in this Mols, thank you. (And I’m looking forward to hanging out with you too, it’s been *way* too long.)

  10. Hi molly,

    Happy to see you there but it will be unlikely in “the QA working group” which doesn’t exist anymore since August 2005, or the QA interest group which is being closed since September 2007. 😉

    No trouble you will still be able to meet the conformance manager 😉 your dedicated French man.

  11. Molly your post and your concerns regarding the real world sounds alot like some of the concerns being addressed at the Icann meeting this week in LA. I think people have to realize that the work they are doing affects people who might not actually be aware of the process and therefore they freak out later (ie designer who freak when they get negative feedback from a client).

  12. Sounds like you’re in your element once again Molly, good luck with it.

    I have just finished listening to your @media 2007 talk and found that really interesting by the way… oh and yes the Fleetwood Mac photo on the last photo is very nice too.

  13. @Karl: Is that what they call you now? Conformance manager? In my heart you’ll always be Quality rather than Conformance 🙂

    It’s been an interesting ride so far, folks. I’ll do a wrap up post after the week is over, that is if I survive it!

  14. I’m very interested in openness of standardizing process – see you on Wednesday!

  15. I’m interested in following this because although I have huge respect for what the W3C is doing, I find that there is a huge gap between what is going on and what the ‘real world’ understands.

    I often wonder if it is a language/terminology thing (sadly, sometimes wonder if it is just me). But boy, it would be nice to have a place out there somewhere that speaks to me in plain English 🙂

  16. W3C my nightmare …every time have a problem … /> 🙂

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  20. Sounds like you’re in your element once again Molly, good luck with it.

    I have just finished listening to your @media 2007 talk and found that really interesting by the way… oh and yes the Fleetwood Mac photo on the last photo is very nice too.

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