Thursday 18 October 2007

Standards Needs and Wants

What do you need and want from Web Standards?

  1. I want generated content
  2. I want CSS3 features, especially design-oriented techniques such as better flow and layout, multiple background graphics, etc.
  3. I want to rebuild the Web

Rebuilding the Web would be a very sexy pipe dream from which we all woke up with cream in our respective jeans.

I’m hoping CSS3 is more sexy. I kinda think it offers us a lot.

Part of my role is to ask and to translate the collective concerns to organizations that need to hear (and most importantly, understand) your needs. I personally don’t know what is “correct” or “right” really. So, I’m asking. And I’ll keep asking, and hopefully our voices will have some impact. I believe they can, and ultimately will.

Would readers be so kind as to tell me what your role is (designer/developer/implementor/other) in your answer as that will help me understand the context of your responses?

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Comments (54)

  1. So, is anyone counting how many want “browser consistency” first, and then improvements?

  2. I am a web developer (frontend and backend)

    – I want working, complete implementations of CSS1 and 2.
    – I want to be able to forget about conditional comments and hasLayout and I don’t want to have to opt out of a new type of quirksmode in IE.Next
    – I want working SVG Tiny or more in all browsers
    – I want working zoom functions that work like either in Firefox or Opera; that doesn’t produce horizontal scrollbars on em-based relative layouts and float bugs like IE’s page zoom and that can be found and operated by normal, uneducated users
    – I want alternative stylesheet switching support in Browsers in a way that can be found and operated by normal users and which remembers style settings, preferably with a user interface like the one that the Stylesheet Chooser Plus extension for Firefox offers
    – I want browsers and especially assistive technology to support relationships in a reasonable way and I want an additional rel=”sitemap” for sitemaps
    – I want IE.Next to be delivered with a current version of Uniscribe so that Asian Language Support becomes better and I want a Uniscribe Updater program from Microsoft for people who still use Win2000
    – I want XHTML support in browsers including incremental rendering and I want that people understand that microformats are fundamentally broken since they have no mechanism of name spaces and that people use XHTML or something else instead
    – I want screen readers to support aural CSS
    – I want CSS-based content generation
    – I want that Mozilla doesn’t run ahead like crazy and that IE doesn’t wait behind with ECMAscript
    – I want web developers to be be careful when using @font-face as to not increase page load too much and browser developers that implement it to take care about @font-face related security issues

    And after these things are fine, more “fancy” stuff can be added to the web, as long as there are standards for it.

    Well, I guess you get the idea
    Keep up the good work

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