Monday 20 August 2007

A Mouth Full of Noise

The fabulous Rob Cottingham tells me this particular comic panel he drew was inspired in part by my Web Directions North 2007 Opening Keynote. How cool?

the need for motivational speakers in web standards

I had this passing thought that the guy should be female and have curly hair, but that’s just me.

Rob, you are a star! May your very cool Noise to Signal comic shine on!

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Comments (56)

  1. So we should all conform to standards? ;p

  2. Ahh… If only life’s code is as simple as a semantic Web page… 🙂

  3. My <body> is a webpage. Being misinterpreted by a bunch of browsers… that’s life.

  4. ha ha my life is one big deprecated element after another, some bad practice thrown in there, and I see some cross browser rendering issues not explained simply by ‘box model’ or ‘hasLayout’…

    my work seems a whole lot better though 🙂

  5. He’s missing his end quote. I’m such a stickler.

  6. Molly, thanks so much for the kind words… that’ll keep me grinning for months! 🙂

    And Shawn, god bless the sticklers. Corrected.

  7. I.. I feel so bicubic!

  8. “Even web geeks need motivational speakers” … Very funny! But Rob Cuttinghams other comics are much better! Thanks for this link ;P

  9. I meant to say ‘dimorphic’.

  10. Honestly? This is perfect. It’s so true. Screw semantics and validation, honestly. I have worked on very, very successful sites and never took standards into consideration. Unless you consider screen size and loading time a standard. Im so tired of hearing these buzzwords it makes embarrassed to say i am a ‘webdesigner’.

  11. my name is molly e h!

  12. very cool molly … “Yeah my life is one big non-semantic div!”

  13. Molly, thanks so much for the kind words

  14. I meant to say ‘dimorphic’.

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  16. hey molly, thank you for your sharing

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  19. thanks for useful post 🙂

  20. wow! excellent molly!

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