Sunday 29 July 2007



This is my one year old kitty, Honey.

Honey is very good natured, has a great sense of adventure and humor, is getting fat. Oh, and she talks a lot.

I have no idea where she got those qualities!

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Saturday 28 July 2007

Kai the CSS Guy’s Transport

Kai the CSS Guy’s Transport

Is this what CSS has brought us to?

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Thursday 26 July 2007

Community Requires a Great Platform

Lately the topic of BBSs and BBS Get Togethers has been coming up in conversation. Maybe that’s because it’s summer here in Tucson. There’s BBQ on the patio and beer in the fridge, and community chatter reminding us that face to face, personal conversation is important.

I’ve been talking to my neighbors over the fence. That’s a great platform, unless of course your fence falls over into their property. And my other neighbors play music really loudly when I want to sleep but that’s okay. I play music really loudly when they want to sleep. Somehow, it all works out.

Whether it’s a summertime BBQ or an online community, platform is essential. The web has taken a long time to remotely catch up with BBSs in terms of the type of community we can deliver. It’s all in the messaging, is my best guess.

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Wednesday 25 July 2007

Creativity Jam Session With Eric Meyer: Ashore


Check out this great photo from Eric Meyer and share your creativity.

I’m really biased. That’s the Jersey Shore, or “Down the Shore” as we Jersey-ites say. Memories of my own childhood in that there photo.

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Tuesday 24 July 2007

CSS 2.1 Finally Moves to Candidate Recommendation

While my real wet dream is seeing this darn spec made a recommendation already, this is at least a very overdue crawl in the right direction.

From the W3C:

“W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of “Cascading Style
Sheets (CSS) 2.1” to Candidate Recommendation. Implementation
feedback is welcome through 20 December. CSS is one of the Web’s
most widely implemented languages. By separating the presentation of
style from the content of documents, CSS simplifies Web authoring
and site maintenance. CSS 2.1 is derived from and is intended to
replace CSS Level 2. A snapshot of usage, the specification brings
the language in line with implementations, fixes errata and adds a
few highly requested features including the inline-block value for
the display property, the color orange and the values pre-wrap and
pre-line for the white-space property. Visit the CSS home page.”

You can read about the move to CR and keep up with CSS news and advancements, too.

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Sunday 22 July 2007

Sunday Dare: Find the Quote

I find this bit of dialog very amusing:

“He moved to Brighton”

“Foolish, but not illegal”

Dare ya: Name characters, situations, plot and so on. The more details, the more fun we have.

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Friday 13 July 2007

Virgin Mobile: Did You Forget Something?


Like how about model releases? The story is simple: Virgin Mobile’s advertising agency used photos marked for commercial reuse via CC licensing on Flickr in its current Australian campaign.

What they failed to do was get permission from the people in the photos, in this case me and several friends, at least one of whom is a Yahoo! employee.

Not sure what the next step will be legal-wise, if any, but I’m looking into it you can be sure.

This is not the kind of famous I had in mind. 😉

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Thursday 12 July 2007

MaxJet: The Little Airline That Could?

So MaxJet is a little airline with a big promise: All business class from major US destinations to London Stansted. For the price give or take 200 quid of economy class on other carriers.

The first time I flew MaxJet I left from Las Vegas and everything was great! Service exceptional, on time flight, on time arrival to Stansted, everything promised – delivered, and delivered well.

So I booked them again, this time leaving Stansted to JFK and switching over to another carrier to get home. MaxJet is a small carrier, not too many planes. They had a little tune up problem. That meant a full day delay.

So this is what they provided:

  • Immediate room and meals with free wifi accommodations at the SAS Radisson Stansted with a very generous dinner voucher
  • Breakfast – Full English (oh, I do like that)
  • Paid limousine service to Heathrow (if you know where Stansted is you know this isn’t a minor journey!)
  • Upper Class tickets on Virgin (flat sleeper seats, etc.) plus connections to home

Okay, cool, that was fine with me! I was already impressed! Then, today, I get an email from MaxJet telling me that between now and next year I can come to London at their upper class service, round trip, for free.

I can work with this. I really can. Apparently, if I fail, I just end up upper on Virgin. This works for me.

Thanks MaxJet 😀

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Train the Trainer: Very Few Seats Left

Seats for the free Train the Trainer events are very limited now.

There is still at least one seat available for each of the following dates. Please feel free to review the agenda for these TTT events.

  • 15 – 16 September 2007
  • 29 – 30 September 2007
  • 13 -14 October 2007
  • 27 – 28 October 2007

For interested and qualified parties, here’s what you need to do:

  • Write a short cover note about yourself and what you hope to gain and offer from the event
  • Include documentation of your ability and commitment to retrain others (teaching certificate, proven affiliation with training organization, and/or letter from organization or company stating their commitment to empower you to train others). This documentation should be sent in PDF format on letterhead as an attachment to the email address I provide below
  • Include your preferred dates and secondary date options. If they don’t fall on any currently available dates, suggest your best weekend
  • Note if you are able to sponsor and/or contribute to sponsorship of coffee service, lunch, and final night event
  • Email this information to: ttt[at]

If you are accepted, you will receive a letter of agreement plus some information to fill out regarding any special needs or concerns you might have. I will also provide plenty of travel tips and a selection of local accommodations at a variety of prices. There will be WiFi available for free during the event and you are encouraged to bring your laptops. There will be no hands on demos in the actual sessions, although people will be encouraged to share during lunch and break discussions.

This is going to be awesome!

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Tuesday 10 July 2007

Stop Blogging

I like to blog. But I’ll stop if you want to.

(yes this is a joke in response to Jakob. Please don’t always take me so seriously my darlings!)

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Friday 6 July 2007

Nerd Word Fun & Games

Michael sent me an email that immediately cheered me up over being stuck in the UK an extra day due to a broken plane. In it, he writes:

“MySpace is to HTML as Barry Gibb is to Beck”

Now I don’t know if I’m just desperate for a laugh at the moment or if my incessant giggling proves this to be truly funny. Since I expect not to have the time or motivation to write anything serious for a few days as I journey from this rainy island to the searing desert, I thought we might have some fun along this theme.

Write a short, pithy, nerdy saying, and don’t hold back! The only “rule” as it were is that the topic has to relate to nerdy concepts and words.

Top three faves will win a book, which I anticipate being able to give more away of now that I’m returning home for a while.

Your turn!

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Monday 2 July 2007

Creativity Jam Session: Tell the Story of this Photo


From this photo, tell a story. You have my permission to modify the photo for the purposes of this activity if it will enhance your story.

You can post your story here in comments and link to any image modifications via Flickr, or your own blog of choice, of course.

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