Wednesday 20 June 2007

Train the Trainer Program

I’ve written a lot about HTML and CSS lately, and now I want to do not say.

Every other weekend I’m in the U.S. from this September ’til next and I will offer a FREE two day course to six (6) educators each available weekend, with dates to be announced following my schedule.

Here’s the deal: You demonstrate to me that you will take your knowledge forward to other educators, students, trainers and evangelists who can and will talk to their students and/or companies about standards.This is a MUST. I only will train people for FREE who can prove they are in education, technology training, or work with a company where they can provide in-depth training for their teams.

You come to me. I already travel a lot, so this is good for me. You pay nothing to me, only your travel expenses. I will teach HTML, XHTML and CSS technology principles. I will also offer project management ideas and provide for code reviews and one-on-one time.

I will teach anyone who will teach others whatever it is that I know, for free, for a year. What do you say? If you like the idea, post here and we shall work together to put dates to the plan.

I also challenge my colleagues to do the same formally.

Who’s ready?

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Comments (68)

  1. Can I participate from Australia? I am an eTeacher, helping other teachers to use web technology in teaching.

  2. Molly:

    Any room left in your Tucson class?


  3. Are you going to be in the New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania area. I am a technical trainer looking to expand my knowledge and having a hard time finding the right class for myself.

  4. HI,

    Ever in San Jose California?

  5. This is an amazing and inspiring idea. I just love it. I would have loved to attend had I been in the US. Inspired with your idea, perhaps I can go ahead and start a similar free train the trainer course here where I live.

  6. Wonderful and Great .I am a creative Supervisor Of English in Qotour , Gharbiya , Egypt.I have learnt alot about Traing in London during my scholarship in2004.Let’s work together to spread Knowledge and training every where . Here, in Egypt , I train teachers , Senior teachers , Supervisors , school managers , etc.
    Great Efforts and a leading role .
    Thanks a lot.

  7. really good and interesting

  8. I am India Can you teach me by correspondence

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  10. Hi molly, I am a corporate trainer. I have attended very few workshops that have created an impact on me. The last such workshop was in chicago by a consultant from on leadership. I hope attending your workshop will provide me the same advantage and edge. look forward.


  11. hi, any courses of train the trainer in dubai?

  12. I need to do a train the trainer course as soon as possible. When is your next class.

  13. Would you please tell me how to set up a training session, for example, what is the first step, etc.
    Thank you for your help. Joi Kulisek

  14. Be opinionated, but encourage opposing viewpoints in the comments. Opinionated makes you interesting – encouraging other perspectives makes you essential. Regards

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