Wednesday 4 April 2007

Name Your Best IE7 Bug Resources

Hi folks, I’m collecting links for IE7 bugs that people are documenting as I’d like to stay on top of anything problematic you’re finding related to XML, XHTML, HTML, CSS, i18n, and the DOM.

If you’ve got a good resource, or a specific issue, can you shout it out in comments so I can add it to a comprehensive list?


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Comments (31)

  1. Is this comprehensive list going to be made available publicly? Even better would be if it could be turned into a full-fledged bug tracker.

  2. +1 for the bug tracker.

  3. I have always found this one to be pretty useful, but presume you know about it already:

  4. We call him Darren. He loves Linux, hates MS, and thus is a walking resource for IE bugs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I always look here first…
    …and then there’s rarely a need to look further.

  6. Regarding a full-fledged bug tracker, this is a big concern right now for the IE team. However, until we have it, I’d like to at least gather as much of this stuff and centralize it if possible. Yes, this will all be public, of course. And it can then be used by any developer or designer or vendor as a resource.

    I’ll work on coallating this stuff and perhaps set up a page. A wiki if it becomes a busy enough topic.

  7. Does Microsoft intend on releasing incremental updates of IE 7 — sooner rather than later? That would circumvent a lot of the rendering issues and your workload if so, I would imagine. Perhaps remove some of the immediacy for some sort of bug tracker.

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  9. @thacker – no, releasing rendering updates in incremental waves would cause mass hysteria* for compatibility and test matrices.

    -Chris Wilson, IE team

    *cats and dogs, living together. Unlike cats and Mols living together, which is a good thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Not really a bug since Microsoft broke this functionality deliberately, taking down ~600,000 web pages (according to Google) that depended on it — webpages in existence since nearly the dawn of the web itself — but IE7 sees fit to break Javascript’s prompt with a security alert bug that ensures it stays broken.,_er_feature

  11. Chris Wilson–

    Damn. You took me by surprise by responding. Your reasons are clearly understood. Thank you very much.

  12. Here’s a CSS parsing issue that causes IE to ignore the remainder of a stylesheet:

    An example using an invalid value for the background propery –
    and an example using a valid value with the counters function –

  13. John has a number of items at PIE

  14. IE7 Bug: min-width input

    IE7 applies the min-width value as width on input elements with @type values of button, reset, and submit.

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  17. Hi Molly

    I don’t know whether it’s documented anywhere but we have a really strange bug affecting our website. Basically the central content column is too thin in IE7. I could correct that with an IE7 stylesheet in a conditional comment, were it not for the fact that it corrects itself as soon as you press the Alt key. Or resize the window – in fact, anything that causes the browser chrome to update also fixes the page. Now that’s buggy.

    It only occurs on our internal view when the CMS editing panel is visible, so I can’t point you to it. If you don’t have this one documented elsewhere drop me a line and I’ll try to come up with a test case for you.

  18. – plus it has a list of at least another couple of hundred IE7 bug sites.

    Personally I’m using Dean Edwards’s javascript library plugin to make IE behave (somewhat) like a standards-compliant browser.

    Beyond that I’ve stopped supporting IE, it’s simply too time-consuming and painful. One day (hopefully with your input) IE will catch up with the others and properly support web standards.

  19. And another little bug with a fix:

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