Saturday 17 March 2007

Redmond, Here I Am

So things haven’t been so clear with Microsoft, and my relationship with Microsoft. Many readers are well aware that a few months ago I’d been offered a consultancy with them. Yet, I feel we are all sorts of not on track.

For that reason, I’m now here in Bellevue and on my way to Redmond first thing Monday morning to sort it all out.

Okay, so here’s the thing. I’ve got a contract to consult with Microsoft and do the best I can to represent standards and interoperability.

What would you like to see me do here?

  • Work for compatibility
  • Train internal Microsoft folks on standards
  • Travel around and evangelize standards and interop
  • Write and edit more materials about standards

Your answer is going to count big-time as I move forward. So shout it out, please. Let Microsoft know who they have and why, okay? I want to do right by interop and standards. I always have and probably always shall. So shout it out with me, okay? What do YOU want? How can I best serve our community whilst here?

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Comments (385)

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  4. Thank you Molly, from now on I will watch your block continuosly.

    Regards Fabienne

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  8. Once you feel that there is a base of standards-competent developers, I would say it’s time to move on to

  9. Google recommends that you create a separate HTML ‘crawlable’ site that they can index – this is basically that same technique, but the HTML + Flash live together on the same page.

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  12. I think you need to push for standards in mobile more. Okay, it might seem a little left-wing to everyone else, but the fact is that mobile is growing at an alarming rate and .mobi sites are increasingly becoming a bigger deal. I’m worried that we’re going to find ourselves in a horrible situation quicker than we even think once companies and people realise the power of mobile websites. It really can cause a lot of problems unless we decide and stick on standards right now.

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    Great plugin! On installation instructions #7 you talk about “Options” but in WordPress the menu item is called “Settings”. Had me confused for a second…change it to help make it easier for future users to install.

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  16. You could tell ms that, when they make a crappy browser like ie6 they should ensure, that webdesigner could run that old but often used browser also in vista.

  17. I would suggest, that you listen to your heart, than you will automatically do the right.

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    wheter you are free to represent standards and interoperability?

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