Friday 9 March 2007

Can Our Tribe Fit Into Texas?

I have been really ill for the last few weeks and am just now getting myself together. Sorry for the silence but if you’ll be at the tribal gathering more formally known as South by Southwest (SXSW), find me, or leave me a message in comments right here, y’all!

By the by, I’ve heard from at least a few folks who feel sad they’re not going. You’re there in spirit. Besides, until Austin builds yet another five or six hotels downtown immediately (they just built about three new ones), we’re simply not going to fit.

Texas is big, though. Really big. We’re a smart bunch. We ought to be able to figure it out for future tribal gatherings.

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Comments (52)

  1. I’m sure a few of us would love to talk to you about your work with IE.

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