Tuesday 26 December 2006

Twitter: Best Kvetching Tool Ever

I avoided Twitter for all it was worth. Oh, sure, I’d go over and half fill-in the sign up form. Then, I’d think how insane it was to add yet another diversion to my list of all-too-many diversions.

In fact, I was sitting next to Twitter’s dad, Ev Williams a couple of weeks ago when Dave Shea popped on IM with a tagline proclaiming “Abstaining from Twitter.” Ev seemed marginally amused, and there I was, not twittering, with Ev twittering away next to me, with Tantek not just twittering but IMing and IRCing and emailing on not one but two macs.

I gave in. I joined Twitter. And I’m so glad I did. It’s become my personal complaining tool. Talk about firing my therapist!

To that end, I’d like to tell Dave: Abstinence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder, and to Ev, thank you for giving me a place to dump all my woes and have people provide pithy if not useful advice in kind.

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Posted by:   Molly | 11:51 | Comments (87)

Comments (87)

  1. Na hier geht was, da komme ich gern mal vorbei…
    Vielen Dank

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  3. So much spam, really a shame.

  4. why do you dont use a spamfilter?

  5. I wasn’t really a fan of Twitter to be honest with you but so many of my friends told me about the advantages of it I had to give it a try, so yes, now I recommend it!

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  12. Ugggh! More evidence that Twitter is not for me! I think it’s great that you’ve found a use for it though. I usually just go to the pub to release stress and tell total strangers the tiny inane details of my life. Hey! I just had an idea. Why not name a pub…Twitter!?1 Bunch of self-absorbed useless gits, sitting around spouting nonsense like “i had a ham samwich today” “i just finished mowing the lawn” “i hate my life” “wanna buy viagra?”

    I hope my valuable input isn’t censored because I used the “V” word.


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