Tuesday 18 July 2006

I Love My Sandwich But

Geeeez. I ordered two sandwiches to go, so I’d have one for later. Tuna, and egg salad. Hardly uncommon in this crazy world, and they are fresh made and otherwise I should have no other complaints but for the . . .


I’m not even one of those people who hates sprouts (also known as “cress” – I’m not talkin little cabbages here). You can put sprouts on my sandwich. You can put sprouts on my salad. Hey, if you want to get adventuresome, you could even put sprouts . . .

Ahem, sorry, got distracted there. Sprouts are fine, but not in MASS quantity. I pulled all the sprouts off of my sandwich, and made a pile of them that reaches to the ceiling.

We just do not need that many sprouts. Besides, they’re sticking to everything. My Mac keyboard, my screen, the table, and oh, how lovely, sprouts have decided to stick to my face.

What on earth is with the sprouts, folks?

This just in: It turns out that there is actually an International Sprout Growers Association. Perhaps they are responsible for the spreading of sprouts.

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Comments (33)

  1. In England, we don’t have a sprout problem. However, we do seem to have a bit of a mayonnaise problem instead…

  2. Sprouts? You mean like these? In a sandwich?

    I like sprouts but not in sandwiches, although I don’t think I’ve ever tried them in a sandwich come to think of it.

  3. Mmm a sprout sandwich. You’d need to take steps to stop them rolling out. I think ketchup would also be a requirement.

  4. He he he…

  5. Sprouts are freakin’ good and good for you. You can get spicy sprouts, juicy sprouts, sweet sprouts, you name it.. they. are. good.

  6. In my best Seinfeld voice, “What’s the DEAL with sprouts?!”

  7. Molly did you go to Beyond Bread? They always pile on lots of sprouts!

  8. Yuck, I hate sprouts. If anyone put sprouts on my egg and tuna sandwich I’d, hang on I hate egg too, damn, this is going nowhere for me.

  9. It could be all of the rain and sunshine. It always makes things sprout. *ducks for cover*

  10. Never heard of sprouts in sandwiches before! From the country that developed the idea it was normal to put peanut butter AND jelly together…in the same sandwich – it must be an American sandwich thing (or am I exposing my ignorance of sandwiches again?!) Ah, American sandwiches are the best! 🙂

    When I lived there, if someone said they were going to ‘fix themselves a sandwich’…(I was thinking the Brit version of a few layers, thinly-spread on rather pathetic looking bread) – to my surprise, I’d watch as layers and layers of stuff were packed together…less of a sandwich – more of a meal!
    I thought: ‘Wow – now THAT’S the way to have a sandwich!’ 🙂

  11. My wife did that once. Made a perfectly normal ham and cheese sandwich for me to take to work for lunch. Perfectly good and normal aside from it being jam packed with sprouts, cucumbers, mayonaise, and all sorts of other useless veggies.

    Had to have a talk with her about that. If you’re going to make a ham and cheese sandwich, make a ham and cheese sandwich. But don’t ruin a perfectly good thing!

  12. In Canadia, we have restaurant chain called Tim Hortons (some of you may already know). Basically they serve coffee, bagels, donuts etc..

    I used to get their bagels with cream cheese, which tastes rather decent for a fast-coffee restaurant. However, no matter which chain I happen to be in, they somehow manage to place an inch thick of cream cheese. I have to explictly tell them to go easy on it because no matter who serves me, they just happens to go crazy on it.

    Is this a common issue in other coffeeshops?

  13. Aahhh, Molly you mean cress then! LOL

  14. Oh! Cress! The thing you grow on wet paper towels at primary school.

    Cress = yum (though, I agree, in moderation).
    Brussels sprouts = yuk (I really hope nobody has ever put these sprouts in a sandwich?)

  15. Feed it to a human and it’s called alfalfa.

    Feed it to an animal and it’s called lucerne.

    This is clearly some dark conspiracy.

  16. Phew.

    Cress. Not Brussel Sprouts.

    Had me seriously scared there!

    P.S. Cress/Sprouts grow easily if you happen to drop some seeds, say… in a keyboard 😉

  17. Like Justin said, sprouts are good for you:

    I occasionaly grow my own. My preference are crunchy mung bean sprouts in a stir fry.

  18. Ick! I’ve always thought sprouts look like sperm. Can’t eat them – it’s a mindblock.

  19. Cress = Sprouts….. When? How? This is like the trousers/pants thing, I’ll never understand it.

  20. Sprouts.. YECH !! I’ve had people put sprouts on a sandwich and, like you Molly, I pick them off. The next time I ordered the sandwich at that place I told them to ‘hold the grass’. Grass is for cows… I don’t want grass on my sandwich !!

  21. Cress!!! I have to say I though the idea of sprouts in a sandwich was one of the worst idea’s ever.

    Generally sprouts (UK style) are a bad bad thing!

    And on a geeky note that goodness that CSS and HTML and so on don’t have such i18n problems (you say float:left, I say hover:left – that would be more of a nightmare than IE5!!!!!)

  22. Sounds very gourmet… Like avacado, sun dried tomatoes,

    I’ll take good old lettuce any day of the week…

  23. Cress in the U.S. is known as ‘sprouts’?!!! WTF?!! That’s a new one for me…and I used to live there!

    Cress is sooooooooo different to (at least in the UK) what we call sprouts!

    Molly: Yeah, we have ‘cress’ in sandwiches over here all the time (commonly ‘egg and cress’)….but never sprouts! That would be like putting cauliflower in a sandwich!

    …..Wait, you do call cauliflower ‘cauliflower’ in the U.S. don’t you?! 😀

  24. I hereby pledge to make a sprout sandwich. With actual sprouts.

  25. Molly: dang, they always served sprouts on sandwiches there in Tucson most places i ate, but then, I was the Original Chia Pet for the University of Arizona Cheer Team. ha. i dont think so , i was one of the masterminds behing the giant jock stap float they outlawed long ago there. LOL. Why do you think the JOlly Green Giant goes Ho HO HO? it is the “sprout” that was responsible, i am getting silly, however. wheat sprouts are my favorite . not to the ceiling though. just up to the top of my wheelchair arms. they do procreate like rabbits. why not , rabbits love em. by the way. Poison Ivy is a member of the Cashew family not the ivy family so if you get cashew sprouts does that mean you will get hives full of killer bees? sorry too much San Miguel dark and a big Sprout and Tomato and proavolone with jalapino and brown sugar bacon torpedo . yum. ole me in Croaklahomie.

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    editer in chief. bye, yall come back now , hear? yep.

  26. Ahh cress. Just remember not to ask for sprouts on your sandwich over here or you’ll get some very strange looks 😉

  27. dang that was not New York, but Washington, DC. ref to when the Brits burned down the Capital building back in herstory, history, or itstory- sorry. no slam to the Big Apple.

  28. Strictly speaking, the cress in an egg and cress sandwich is called ‘mustard and cress’. This differentiates it from the other types, such as watercress (thicker stalks, much larger leaves, peppery flavour).

    I feel like trying an egg and sprout sandwich…

  29. sprout always creeped me out.

  30. Drew: You’re gonna Flickr the results of that pledge right?! 😀

  31. Molly you had me worried!

    I had a vision of a very lumpy sandwich and some very unhappy Faeries (as a child I used to think that Brussel Sprouts were Faery sized cabbages).

    For some reason there’s not a log of cress in Merthyr sandwiches.

  32. Joe in NorCal sez: Pile the little suckers on.

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