Tuesday 27 June 2006

Web Professional’s Code of Ethics

Many professional organizations publish policy and ethics documents relating to how they as individuals treat their clients, each other, how they manage fees, and the kind of treatment their professionalism deserves in kind.

In an effort to mobilize the Web community as professionals, and what it means to be a Web professional, I firmly believe that a code of ethics for our profession should arise out of a common group. I believe we owe it to ourselves, each other, our clients, and the profession’s integrity and sustainability at large to begin a time of new professionalism for ourselves.

A good example comes from the AIGA which publishes a policy document as it pertains to graphic designers. There are some great ideas there.

Do others in the field, or even outside of it, see value in collaborating on something like this for the Web community? If so, let’s get some ideas going here and maybe that can evolve across other blogs and sites into something really tangible.

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Comments (65)

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  3. I have just been reading all the comments from every one and one issue keeps coming up: “How can I sell myself better to my clients?”
    A Code of Ethics by definition is not about that. It should include using web standards to create your pages but for that we already have the Web Standrads Group that you can be a part of.
    I think it should include issues of how to treat your client, such as being fair or how to handle your client’s confidentiality. It is more for you personally as a designer and not to make you look better for your client.
    Just my 2 cents bit in.

  4. A link for a definition of Code of Ethics by

  5. very good web site
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  6. Stylistically it’s beautiful and it’s definately something I haven’t seen before. I hope it can eventually function a little better without sacrificing its visual flavor. Nice and smooth artwork.

  7. great work man thx

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