Sunday 14 May 2006

Personal Priorities

Here’s a riddle. Let’s imagine you have five activities you could be doing right now. You can’t do all five things at once, so you have to order them in terms of your personal priorities. Here are the five activities:

  • Working with your shiny new computer
  • Buying shoes
  • Watching Star Trek
  • Making love with a person whom you adore and desire
  • Catching up with an old, beloved friend or family member

What would be your priority order?

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Comments (88)

  1. Initially 4,5,1,3,(4 again insead of 2 cos I hate buying shoes)


  2. I like eggs.

  3. Sometimes I like to eat eggs, with Ketchup.

  4. Sometimes I like Eggs, With Kethcup, with Bacon, on the crispier side.

  5. 1, 4, 5, 3, 2

    Can’t resist the offer of playing with a new computer.. 😉

  6. 414141, please

  7. I need specifics!

    First, priority order in my idealized world…

    4 – If said person is one of my real life or even TV crushes (I’m looking at you, Goran Visnjic), is currently unattached, happens to be an exciting and/or considerate lover, and I’m guaranteed that I won’t have to spend the next six months of my life in angst-ridden phone conversations after said love-making, then it’s definitely #1 on my priority list.

    5 – Old friends and family live all over the globe – I’d love the chance to sit down and chat like old times with a friend or two I haven’t seen for a couple of years. A good friend, a wonderful location, perhaps a bottle of wine – heck, I might be able to have #5 and #4 in one fell swoop, if things don’t work out with Goran…

    1 – Is this a MacBookPro, or a Power Mac G5 with a 30-inch Apple Cinema HD display? Is it fully loaded with current MacrAdobe software for my design needs? Heck, I’ll even take it with a 23-inch Cinema display – that’s still bigger than my TV.

    2 – Are you buying? Can I have two pairs? Then shoe-shopping it is…

    3 – Yes – I was a TNG fan, and wouldn’t mind watching a decent episode again, but it’s not a high priority for me. Now if you had said a Futurama marathon, to be topped off by the new straight-to-DVD Futurama movies that it’s been rumored are in the works, then it would definitely take priority over shoe-shopping…

    Now for my priorities in a far-from-idealized world…

    4 – Someone I adore and desire? Even if said person’s not as into me, and will probably bring a lot of “dramah” into my life? I’d still make it top priority, probably because I’m currently unattached and it’s been awhile…

    5- It’s always good to connect with another human being…

    2 – In a far-from-ideal world, I’d at least want to get out of the house occasionally, and I still need shoes.

    3 – By default, in this list watching Star Trek becomes priority #4, unless it’s Enterprise, in which case it goes to the bottom of my list.

    1-If my shiny new computer is a cheap-o WinTel box that I received as a gift or a prize (because I likely wouldn’t buy a shiny new Windows machine for home), and it doesn’t come loaded with design software, then it’s just not that exciting for me. Granted, if it’s connected, I can at least check my usual online haunts and/or do some web work, but I’ll be pissed if I have to spend part of my day on hold waiting for tech support…

    Aaahh, life is full of possibilities…

  8. See, I’m with Bruce. The imaginative sole would find a way to multi-task and do all the things at the same time…

    For example, the girlfriend would be a shoe salesperson so it would be possible to make love and “talk shoe business” at the same time…

    “Ohhh baby, whisper that desciption of those hot pink pumps in my ear one more time… OOOOOOOOO, yeah!”

    And, while whispering “hot, dirty shoe talk” to my shoe salesperson girlfriend, I’d be downloading the entire Star Trek DVD set on my shiny new laptop sitting on my nightstand by the bed. And, during, um… “breaks”, I’d be talking to an old college roommate on my Motorola HS805 Wireless Bluetooth Headset as I checked on the download process of my Star Trek DVDs on my shiny new laptop.



  9. Now listen folks. I didn’t say it wasn’t possible to do all five at once. I said you can’t, at least according to this riddle.

    So while all of you who are trying to figure out imaginative and clever ways to do as many of the five simultaneously, well, you’re missing the point. You have to actually prioritize. I’m sorry, I realize it’s shocking, difficult and perhaps even painful.

    Sorta like that new pair of shoes I just bought . . . 😉

  10. 4 – 5 – 2 – 3- 1

  11. 4, 1, 5, 3, 2. Not sure what this says about my personal care (buying shoes? Who the hell buys shoes?).

    I’d have said that friends came before the computer, but having a shiny macbook pro in front of me, and having done somethig very similar to telling friends to stuff it while I play with it just yesterday… that might be a tad hypocritical.

    Love comes first, though. Sex, even. Definitely.


    I always get depressed buying shoes, they never have quite what I want.

  13. 4 & 1 🙂

    but you so need a ‘drink coffee’ in there somewhere 🙂

  14. Which Star Trek?

    Can’t you have sex and watch Voyager at the same time?

  15. 1,4,5,2,3 Yeah, my priorities are set! 🙂

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  17. Actucally 4, 1, 3, 5, 2
    do you understand :D?

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  21. 4,5,1,4,4,5,1,4. Heh heh. I guess that doesn’t make me super geeky – but hey, I don’t watch Star Trek! I used to have a friend who not only watched Star Trek but used to be part of a “Trekkie” club. Basically, they would choose a ‘ship’ name (Like USS Enterprise something or other) and then each person in the club would have a role to fulfil – Captain, 2IC, Data etc. etc. Each week they get together at the coffee shop to discuss how things are doing on the ‘ship.’ I never quite understood what they can really talk about! Now, THAT’S Geeky.

  22. Ah… 4. I think that’s about all I feel like doing right now. I’ve had enough of work, and I’ve seen a lot of my friends lately. I need some time out for a little bit of 4. Anyway, second to that, I think I would probably choose to see my friends and then working on a shiny new computer. Or, rather, playing a really cool game on my shiny new computer. Man, it’s been so long since I’ve been able to relax with a good PC game.

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  25. 5,3,2,1,4
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