Friday 14 April 2006

Who Do You Blog For?

it seems that when a blogger develops an audience and gathers a group of friends, colleagues, supporters or critics, that demands begin to be made on that blogger by the audience.

You know about these demands, you’ve found them on your own blog, if you have one. Demands like: Post more often. Post less. Stop blogging. Blog more technical articles. Blog more personal topics. Blog about your cat. Delete rude comments. Don’t delete rude comments. I hate you. I love you. Will you marry me? Will you fuck off?

It goes on and on. And it makes me wonder, at what point do we decide our blogs are in fact no longer our own and modify our behavior to adjust to the audience demand?

Some people see their blogs as a publication, others as having a specific agenda (buy my stuff), others as being wholly personal and up to the whims of the person blogging. Blogs are interesting to me when there is a full personality there, writing about topics that appeal precisely because of the context of an individual’s perspective. Sometimes I’m interested in how to roast great coffee, sometimes I want to share with others their sorrows and joys as well as my own, sometimes it’s all about learning a new CSS technique.

I don’t think there’s any one way to blog, nor is there a right way. I do know any person who keeps a blog should have the right to determine who they’re blogging for and why, and that reading blogs is a bit like T.V. in that if you don’t find what you want on someone’s blog, chances are pretty good you can change the virtual channel and find something that suits you better.

I’m absolutely certain that I blog for myself. My blog is the all-me, all-the-time station. That’s its purpose, and if zero, ten, or ten thousand people read or stopped reading, it wouldn’t matter. I’d blog to an empty house or a full one. For me, blogging is an outlet for all aspects of my nature whether personal or professional, as my blog description clearly states. My desire to please people suggests, at times, that maybe I should let my audience drive my content. But my instinct demands that I stay true to what and who I am, not what others want.

Who do you blog for?

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Comments (66)

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  2. Blogging Is Just Cooooooool

  3. Blogging Is Good Learning New Things Every Day Keeping Community Aware

  4. orkout music to get pumped up
    Enjoy.! 🙂

  5. I like when others read what I write. I like feedback on my writing. I like to have a website, I like to communicate. I like the social interactions, I like arguing about ideas.

  6. I blog to get back at my ex that i have a daughter with. it drives him mad most of the time its about him and his wife other times its just posting quizes i did.

    he wants me to stop doing it and wants me to agree to it in writting because he said its upsetting him

    its my blog its up to me what i put on it

  7. I blog to get at my daughters mother, I tell her I lover her then I dont, I say I love my daughter and do nothing to see her to get back at her, I ask her for things then change what I ask for to mess her around, I love doing it because shes entertaining and keeps coming back for more, even though shes asked to leave our conversations about our daughter, I dont because I like knowing she cares enough to put up with my crap.

  8. I wrote the Robert Scott Mckeown one above too, I want him to find his and my name and see his reaction because I love stiring it with him, I lol at him everytime I hurt him. I like telling him i agree to orders and then after a month or two i tell him i do not agree anymore. its hilarious messing with his emotions. One of my most favourite hobbies and I do this to my other childrens dad too. Very funny. Any woman that has been rejected should do this.

  9. i have no balls and can’t stand up for my children or my relationship with them in fear of being rejected and alone.i cant let go of my eldest daughtrers mum god knows why i just dont want to leave her alone in anyway,i dont want to hear that shes happy or with anyone else,and im spose to be getting married. i cant help it even writting things in her name to make me feel better to see her response to it , i just cant let go can someone help please?
    my eldest daughters mum has done everything she can to have my daughter in my life but its not enough, everytime she say only make it about her or you only have to have contact with her it causes problems because i dont only want to see her i want my daughters mum in my life , i just cant let go and thats just obvious by the above comments in her name.
    I said id not write anything about her but i seems to not be able to stop, i asked her to do the same , she writes about what i put her through i dont like that as she doesn’t say it how i see it, i know im not her but it aint that way to me and it gets frustrating and she feels the same way , still i can’t leave her alone.

  10. Rob please just let it go and leave me alone , you made your choice you dont like it change it. btw for your info nat sees his kids every fn. I stuck by the orders we agreed to in perth , yes i had to leave one day you might understand i very much doubt it though. I will stick by the ones we agreed on the other day , unlike you i wont change times or anything or have excuses for it as we have an agreement i will work around not have you work around my life.

  11. you should not have places like this( is this what your refering to in the first statements above? does anyone admin people read whats written on here at all?) , its wrong to be able to allow others to write in others names , fake names maybe but not real ones , i was (jackie) accused of saying things that are false and untrue of someone , when just stating what had happened to me and how i felt about that in my own blog, Rob is here and myself writing in each others names , Rob is here trying to make a piont to me but its not working as I do know what he was talking about where he does not see my piont at all. A place that allows you to write false things in ohters peoples names is just not right. someone in admin should be checking whats written…

  12. Okay I am confused to who is who here!? My first thought is that whoever you are this very immature and Molly wrote this blog space for other reasons thus should not be abused by person(s)? to make immature comments to each other. If there is two people guilty for the above i think there is way too many issues and IMHO should deal with them in private.

  13. How do you get hold of admin on this thing?

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