Friday 7 April 2006

Top Twelve Sexiest Standardistas

Sitting around drinking great wine and chatting with friends after the first day of CalWAC last night, an idea I’ve talked about with others before came up.

The idea would be to choose twelve men and women from the web standards and accessibility realm and create a photographic calendar, which folks could buy and sell. All proceeds would go to an agreed upon charity or charities, especially anything related to the Web and computing.

So the big question is, who would you want to see as the first twelve? Be nice now. Sexy can mean different things to different people.

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Comments (101)

  1. Joe Clark.

    In his cowboy hat.

    And nothing else.

  2. Bryan Veloso. That guy is HOT!

  3. Sorry Rik, but Joe is already sold as a t-shirt:

  4. Yeah, I’d have to say I have a thing for that young asian hottie. Did I tell you he could dance? And you know what they say about good dancers. ;P

  5. Is it me or is April the official month where everyone talks about nudity.

  6. Seirous nomination: .sara Flemming.

    Love her. πŸ˜‰

  7. Dustin: It’s spring is why! And anyway, you started it πŸ˜›

    And note, I didn’t say this was going to be a NUDE calendar. πŸ˜‰

  8. I nominate…. Molly! πŸ˜€

  9. Yeah Molly, you have to be a part of your own calendar.

  10. Oh, boy, where do I start. There’s Nathan Smith, Rob Soule, I’d really love to see Dan Cederholm πŸ˜€ – don’t know many gals, but you’re darn cool… oh, and Jeff Croft is a cutie too. πŸ˜‰

  11. Or they could be all gals, helping you essentially find where all the webby-women are πŸ˜€

  12. Could I nominate myself? LOL! πŸ™‚

    Please have told me I’m “fetching” before, but that’s about it. πŸ˜›

    BTW, Molly, I *love* your blog. Sorry for lurking so much!

  13. Whatever happens, this photo should be in there.

  14. Aww, Natalie — thanks! You’d make a fine nominee yourself. πŸ˜‰

  15. Well….now that you ask, I’ve got to say that Andy Clarke is a clear winner. I privately refer to him as the “simply scrumptious Andy Clarke.” I’m not kidding – ask Derek. And now that I’ve seen him sitting naked in a bathtub….
    Stephanie Sullivan is clearly a standout on the female side of things. Oh boy, there’s Dave Shea. I would have thought he was just really handsome, which is not the same as sexy, but then I heard his voice in an interview, and there’s no doubt about it now. And then there’s Zeldman. Now, men are probably going to say, “Zeldman?” But there are women out there who know what I’m talking about. Jeremy Keith! Yikes! I would mention Derek Featherstone, but since I recently became good friends with him, that would be very embarrassing, wouldn’t it? If I was a guy, I’d have to mention Molly H. Yes, there would be all that depth of overwhelmingly female emotion and all that intensity, but the upside would be the huge embrace of life and laughing and fun and talent and intelligence and love of all things sensual, that would be not only sexy but make life much better. Not to mention the lavish endowment in the chestal area. I don’t know about too many other people, since I haven’t been to conferences. I haven’t met any of the “stars,” and as we all know, how someone acts in person makes all the difference in the world in assessing sexiness. Being photogenic is not the same as being sexy, so I may be all wrong in my answers. There’s no way to tell who is so sexist and full of ugly attitudes that they make themselves disgustingly unattractive, or who picks their nose in public and ruins anything else they had going for them. It would help my memory a great deal if I’d been sharing that wine bottle with y’all. Will all these people have clothes on? I’m not sure how appealing geek bodies that rarely see the light of day would be. I’d vote for fully clothed. Maybe even heavy parkas. Let’s see, I know that Cameron Moll is handsome, and Andy Budd was a shark wrangler, for Pete’s sake, how sexy is that!? Then there’s Veerle, Cindy Li, Kelly Goto and Heather the Dooce (despite the constipation issues. We all have issues, you know?). Sense of humor is very, very attractive, which opens up a whole other group for consideration — for example, Jon Hicks. I’d marry him in a second for a multitude of reasons, if I wasn’t already happily married, but posing for a calendar? He’d insist on posing with a large piece of cheese, which just wouldn’t be right.

  16. Simon Willison, with his accent and his never-ending string of geeky t-shirts, is pretty damn sexy.

    And, if you don’t mind ’em being four feet tall, there’s always Shaun Inman. Scrumptious!

  17. Jeff Croft – you scare me.

    Carolyn Wood – email me.

  18. And none are allowed to put forward dated photos for the calendar either…

    And no airbrushing lol…

    Joe and the cowboy hat may have a market but please no (sorry Joe) …

  19. i’d like to rub my hands against Inman’s beard. Ok eeuww. Nevermind I said that. Definitely need to get Langridge in a speedo though. That would be awesome.

  20. If we’re talking pure eye candy, Dave Shea and Cameron Moll. Dave’s eyes are quite fetching. Cameron is just hot. I’ll thrown Stephanie Sullivan in there too. She’s very pretty.

    If we could somehow add audio to the calendar, then Charles Wyke-Smith would be my pick for sexiest accent.

    Tantek is hot in an aloof, geeky sort of way. Is Jeff Veen considered a standardista? If not, can we pretend he is? The man is gorgeous.

    And without sounding like a total fan-girl/suck-up, I’ll add you to the list. You’ve got a sensual thing going on. I can totally picture you relishing a glass of red wine with some dark chocolate and having a passionate conversation about code, travel or politics…. Erm, that thought just came to me by the way.

  21. Six guys, six gals…

    Jeffrey Veen, Shaun Inman, Cameron Moll, Wolfgang Bartelme, Ian Lloyd, David Shea

    Stephanie Sullivan, Erin Kissane, Kelly Goto, Stephanie Troeth, Anitra Pavka, & Rachel Andrew

  22. I’m with Jason… a calendar of 12 female standardistas. Simply because it would be an interesting experiment to see if it would be difficult to find 12, or not.

    Oh, and then make another calendar, with 12 male standardistas, for those of us so inclined.

  23. Just looked at the event you’re at. Then checked Flickr to do further research.
    Look no further!!!! He’s sitting right next to you!!!
    James Craig!!!!

  24. Eric Meyer

  25. When I was in Vegas recently I came over all patriotic and made sure I checked out Thunder Down Under. In that nationalistic spirit, here are my nominations for Sexiest Standardistas, Southern Hemisphere version.

    Cam Adams of course – I mean, at least there won’t be any surprises when he takes off his shirt.

    Lachlan “Body of a Blacksmith, mind of a poet” Hardy.

    Amit “Krishna” Karmakar.

    Russ Fists of Fury Weakley

    Tim “Pimp Daddy” Lucas

    Andrew “Cute *and* Intelligent” Krespanis.

    I mean, I could go on….

  26. Leave it to you Molly to come up with such an idea… heh. Thanks for the comliments, you guys are making me blush… You know, there were so many sexy geeks at SXSW, how could you pick twelve? Smart is so sexy. I agree Molly must be included — she’s smart, sensual and confident… I’m not naming any specific boys since I’m married and don’t feel like getting myself in trouble… LOL

    Carolyn Wood, I don’t know what you look like, but since sexy is as much personality as appearance (maybe more), you MUST be in it … you just made me laugh so hard with that giant paragraph of thought … and in my opinion, funny is sexy. πŸ™‚

    I’ll be looking forward to the final line up… heh.

  27. My number one vote goes to Nikita Kashner ( – OH YEAH!!! πŸ˜‰

    Sexy blokes? I can’t comment… (but I’m surprised if Oxton doesn’t vote for himself!) πŸ˜€

  28. just admit it. everyone wants to see Cameron Diaz

  29. The obvious winner : Christian Nitot

  30. Matt Robin is onto something. Nikita and Oxton are both quite yummy. Come to think of it, put those two in a spread together!

  31. Any calendar would have to include Molly, definitely. πŸ˜‰

    Sexy is a bit of an ambiguous term, though – someone is only really sexy when you know them, what they’re like, how they laugh – but if we’re talking ‘hot’ (damn Americanisms):

    Girls: Eris, Kitta, Veerle, Lisa Mac
    Boys: Joe Clark (and we should probably include Faruk before he turns up to nominate himself…)

  32. uhm Ben Saunders?

  33. Cameron Diaz Nude!, Rob’s unbeatable beard, Cowboy Jeremy, Princess Cindy, Your “Best Photo Ever”. That would make the calendar a real killer πŸ™‚

  34. This is supposed to be ironic, right? Right?

    Or are we all just double-standardistas? πŸ˜‰

  35. #Laughs# @ Mr. Pennell …..(You know I was waiting for someone to say that about Faruk!)

    And yeah, good point about what is meant by ‘sexy’…[For Sexy: Use ‘Hot’ too]
    I was going to mention Veerle…but then – I don’t actually know if she’s sexy or not…Hot – yes….Sexy, mmm????

    Jeff: Yeah…Nikita and Oxton…no, wait, just Nikita!! Hahahaha πŸ˜‰

  36. I can think of two from the top of my head: Veerle and Darice ( πŸ™‚

  37. Dave Shea

  38. That Bruce Lawson, he’s just soooo damn hot

  39. Alright I’m no diplomatic Stef so I’ll jump right in. Other than those already mentioned, what about Dean Jackson, Doug Bowman, John Allsopp? I have to second, third, nth, whatever, Molly – she is totally gorgeous. Apart from the other women already mentioned, Lisa Herrod and Lisa Miller and Maxine Sherrin are all beautiful and sexy women.

    I guess all my favourite people are beautiful and sexy to me. πŸ™‚

  40. Well, we definitely need more women in this industry, so my list is shorter there.
    I’ll suggest Molly & Veerle for the ladies, and Roger Johansson (Swedish men just have massive appeal… don’t know why), Ian Lloyd, Dave Shea, and Jeremy Keith.

    And yes, I have to agree with the comments so far. Sexy / Hot is so relative. Since I talk about tech -all- the time, I find geeks (yes, I use the term fondly) far more attractive than non-geeks because watching a non-techies eyes glaze over when they don’t know what I’m talking about and don’t care gets old real quick.

  41. My vote goes the the sexiest netlebrity alive – Dave Shea!

  42. OK, a little off-topic. But I just noticed the WaSP homepage is way cooler than the last time I saw it! I also think it’d be really nice to make WaSP Merch, car window stickers etc. lol… or :o)

  43. simply has to be or is that just sexist?

    I’d feel a bit funny voting for a bloke as a ‘sexiest’ standardista, though Jeremy Kieth and Andy Budd certainly deserve a vote for ‘superb’ standardista! I may have mentioned Zeldman, but i saw a picture of him without his cool hat…

  44. @ Carolyn Wood:

    >> I’ve got to say that Andy Clarke is a clear winner. And now that I’ve seen him sitting naked in a bathtub…

    You clearly need to have your eyesight checked! πŸ™‚ My vote goes to Simon Collison, oh my Icelandic dream boat, oh quiet my beating heart!

  45. Maxine is an absolute sweet-talker. I’m flattered! “Body of a blacksmith, mind of a poet”, indeed! πŸ˜›

    I must second Vicki’s nomination regarding the Australian ladies. Maxine, Lisa Miller and (my personal favourite) Lisa Herrod are indeed beautiful and sexy women

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