Friday 7 April 2006

Top Twelve Sexiest Standardistas

Sitting around drinking great wine and chatting with friends after the first day of CalWAC last night, an idea I’ve talked about with others before came up.

The idea would be to choose twelve men and women from the web standards and accessibility realm and create a photographic calendar, which folks could buy and sell. All proceeds would go to an agreed upon charity or charities, especially anything related to the Web and computing.

So the big question is, who would you want to see as the first twelve? Be nice now. Sexy can mean different things to different people.

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Comments (101)

  1. See, I think you restrict this to selection based on everyones’ *published bio pics* ๐Ÿ˜‰ Conference site profiles would count, of course.

    Although, I would still want this photo included: know, just for the insanity ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I’m totally on the Eric Meyer bandwagon. The family thing is incredibly sexy.

    Other than that… Dave Shea, Matt Mullenweg (*drool*)
    and yes, Faruk is definitely pretty hot. I’d do him.

  3. @ Malarkey: “My vote goes to Simon Collison, oh my Icelandic dream boat, oh quiet my beating heart!”

    I just spat out my coffee!! I never knew you cared so much. Call me sometime…

  4. Oh dear god what have I started here?

    If Andy had to run off with anyone, I guess I’d be okay if it were you, Colly, cuz yeah, you’re pretty darned dreamy.

    @william: btw, there is no such person as DAVID Shea in the standards/design/blog spheres that I’m aware of. There is a DAVE Shea – that’s the one we know and apparently, really adore! There’s also a Dave Seah, who is pretty darned cute too.

    The Aussie women are especially lovely, everyone here listed so far is sexy as hell IMO. Vicki, very hot.

    Tiffany, you belong on the sexiest list, too. Adorable, funny, and you have that shy thing going on which is sweet sweet sweet. How could ANY of us forget Min Jung Kim? My god, MJ is the epitome of sexy. Meri Williams and Elly Thomson, damned sexy (particularly when holding guns). Yvonne Adams, too. I’m gonna keep thinking about the women. Ooh, Heather Champ, she’s fab. And speaking of Heathers, Heather Hesketh! Kimberly Blessing, total babe. Jen Taylor? Wowsers. There are more of us than we think, oh my sisters.

    There are a slew of other men that should make this list that haven’t. Off the top of me pointy head, I’d say Hixie, because he’s cute and personable. Dean Edwards because he’s cute and funny and he cooks! Plus runs his web server out of his kitchen, which you know gets big-time geeky/sexy points right there. Drew McLellan, even if he does think I’m being sexist ๐Ÿ˜‰ by doing this and breaking my own rules.

    Oh, and what of rules? Scrivs totally ranks. As does Mike, and Matthew Oliphant.

    Dunstan Orchard anyone? Ben, you’re darned sexy too, for the record. Kevin Lawver because he is by far one of the funniest men I know and I’m completely with Stef, funny is the sexiest thing of all.

    Speaking of funny men, Porter Glendinning, adorable. How about Arun Ranganathan? Wowsers, check out the way that man wears a black topcoat. Not only damned handsome, but fiesty and takes no shit. I like that. Believe it or not, Anne Van Kesteren, who will be sexy when his spots clear up (oh he’s going to hurt me for that, but hey, he really is adorable too).

    I guess I’m like Vicki. I find all the people I love and adore to also be sexy. Because we’re smart, funny, full of passion. What could be more sexy than that? I mean, really!

    I think we have several years worth of calendars. Maybe we need a calendar AND a poster series.

  5. What about the grandfather of us all, Sir Tim Berners-Lee?

  6. Molly – you are spot on about the women and I would only add, don’t forget the mature women. We too can be quite sexy! -Nancy

  7. Another vote for Kitta!

  8. Molly, I could not agree with you more. I look at beauty/sexy in terms of the whole person rather than just outward appearances. I have a few blind friends who base how beautiful a person is based on how much inner beauty they have. I am not one that would turn another’s head and so I am probably not a good judge of what beauty is. However, based on the names of those given so far, I can agree with those who have selected you, Stephanie and Vicki because you all are beautiful people in body and spirit which does make for a wicked combination. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Please forgive my ramblings.

  9. I’m sure glad I’m not on this list…


  10. I’m with Tiffany AND i believe she hit it on the head.. you ARE sexxy!!

    and Veen ain’t bad at ALL…..

    Do it girl!

  11. I think the theme of the calendar would have a bit tongue in cheek if it is going to be Tim Berners-Lee, how about in a cowboy suit? pistols drawn to those darned table based designers!

  12. What a great idea! Having fun and raising money for a good cause.

    I vote for Kelly Goto (she rocks everything else, why not a calendar?), the boys of CSS: Derek Featherstone and James Craig, the beautiful Red Queen: Lisa Miller and of course – no calendar would be complete – without Molly!

  13. Eric Meyer. Cute as a very cute thing.

  14. I’d have to vote for Molly and Maxine, Lisa and Lisa and of course our infamous Amit Karmakar.

    @Molly: I’ve used Dean Edward’s “I run a web server from my kitchen” line all the time. Can’t beat it.

    @Jim Callender: you mean something like the ATF?

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  17. Six Fellows: James Craig, Jeff Veen, Andy Budd, Simon Willison, Faruk Ates, A Redhead (you choose between Eric Meyer and Rob Weychert).

    Six Ladies: Kelly Goto, Molly, Steph Sullivan, Anitra Pavka, Denise Jacobs (tall D from Florida), Yvonne Adams (redhead!).


  18. I would also like to add Glenda (the Good) Sims to my list of the Ladies and Vint Cerf to my list of the Gentlemen…


  19. Hmmmmm….sexy for me means a brilliant mind with brilliant results (that make the world a better place) and an honest, open and loving heart….I concur with so many that are listed above….so let me just pick the first four that jump to mind: Molly, Veerle, Tantek, James Craig.

  20. I’ll put in my vote for Cameron Adams, especially without the specs!

    Frank: I feel like a kid whose been having fun with a bunch of friends at 1am, and all of a sudden my parents have busted in and told us all to go to sleep, when secretly the only reason they’ve told us off is because they feel like they’re missing out on all the fun. What, did Molly point out that your site used tables and you’ve held a grudge ever since? I mean honestly, whose blog is this anyway? If you want to read a web site that is nothing but serious all the time, go read a W3C spec or something…

  21. Molly. You are odd.


  22. not sure if this was out.. but I think if Jeremy Keith makes it.. this photo should be used as his .

  23. Heh – I can see a whole load of t-shirt opportunities coming from this thread! I envisage a whole standarista merchandising empire.

    I reckon: Molly (of course), Pat Lauke (I agree with you there, Pat), Pixeldiva, Gez Lemon, Kitta, Faruk, Veerle, Simon Willison (fully Pottered), Ian Lloyd, Eris, Norm Francis, Cindy Li.

  24. Oh – I forgot to mention the front cover spot for Malarkey.

  25. “Matt Robin is onto something. Nikita and Oxton are both quite yummy. Come to think of it, put those two in a spread together!”

    If Oxton is up for it I’m up for it! ;o)

    My picks: Molly (would not be complete without you), Veerle, Ian Lloyd (possibly with a kombi in the background), Oxton, Sergio (wearing his gay pants), Derek Powazek, Jeremy Keith, Tantek, Maxine, Eris, Dave Shea (who is by far every geek girls dream and if there was a Teen Beat for geeks he’d be on the cover), Hicks, and we can’t forget that prankster Malarkey.

  26. I’m a standards nut and I’ve been told I don’t look too bad…
    John Bilicki

    I’d suggest a few ladies but I don’t know any in regards to the web, oh except Molly of course! ๐Ÿ˜€ Let’s put her on the front just for making the suggestion!

  27. I would buy a calendar with 12 months of Dustin Diaz, if he left his shirt on, and someone at Flickr would pull the photo he keeps linking to!

  28. Man, walking around at SXSW (and knowing a bunch of standardistas who weren’t there), I can only say that I wouldn’t be able to make a Top 12 at all. So many good lookin’ supergeeks, god… ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. My vote goes to Jason Santa Maria, who couldn’t look at this face for a month ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. I’m sorry, but Cody Lindley is just dead sexy. To exclude him would be a travesty.

  31. Don’t forget that “geek guys can be sexy too”! – ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. fuk u dont no fukn nuffn bitches @ hoes u better get krumped

  33. number one site enjoy..

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