Wednesday 5 April 2006

Get Naked With Me!

Yes, my blog has the styles turned off for a reason today. That reason would be CSS Naked Day, in which participants turn off their CSS and make their designs go away, leaving only the lovely (hopefully) content beneath.

While not for everyone, nudism has been a passion of humanity for thousands of years. So you might feel a bit shy about being naked your own fine self, but I don’t.

Like you’re surprised!

Read more about the Annual CSS Naked Day from the daring and devilish Dustin Diaz himself.

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Posted by:   Molly | 09:02 | Comments (18)

Comments (18)

  1. Yay, go Molly! I’m naked today too. 🙂

  2. I think the greatest thing about Naked Day is that Dustin’s list is faaaar shorter than the amount of people doing it. I’ve seen at least 30 blogs that weren’t on his list going Naked for the day.

  3. Is it too redneck to call it “Gettin’ nekkid day?”

  4. I feel a draft. ;). Molly, I’ve never seen you like this before. It’s so…revealing! I’m nekkid too, btw.

  5. I am pleased to see you naked! 😉

  6. Hehe, all this CND (CSS Naked Day) malarkey reminds me of the internet in 1993… is that a good thing?

  7. Huzzah, more nudity! I bet lewd websites are going down and down on google, whilst all these blogs are going up up UP! I’m having fun. Not sure if I’m hardcore enough to go for the full internet day (~48hrs) – mind you I’m off to the pub so I may forget to dress for a week!

  8. Hey Molly,

    Glad to see you are also part of the nekkid revolution!

  9. I’m naked today too, me and my FRESH PXs

  10. My jaws dropped when I saw this title on my RSS.

  11. hmm it’s 11pm and I only just noticed it was CSS naked day, i’m not bothering for just one hour.

  12. I’m naked with Molly *wink* (and 744 others aparently)

  13. Hey I’m naked all over (one of those 744) and its good to see another naked site…

    Ever the provocative title writer is our Molly lol… no I’m hardly surprised. Hope things are going well with you.

  14. Crap I knew I was forgetting something today. That’s what I get for reading everything through my RSS Reader.

    I’ll guess I’ll just have to wait until next time to get naked with everybody.

  15. I will be glad to get naked with a beautiful girl like u….

  16. Pingback: Alright, now somebody hand me a towel

  17. Sadly due to time zones I didn’t find out about it until half way through the day.

    That said, since I use Opera and regularly toggle CSS on the pages I view… every day is naked day! 😉

  18. Nice…Idon’t know what’s going on, but so what…best to you sucks,but the smell’s good…listen jim croce’s songs…beautiful…’cuse my english, i’m from finland…eh…

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