Tuesday 28 March 2006

Acid2 Supported in Opera One Year Later

Opera 9 passes Acid2, next step for Opera is mobile, and preliminary mumblings about Acid3 have begun.

Read more and comment away (oh it feels so good to say that) at WaSP.

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Comments (18)

  1. Who cares that it’s a year late. They did it! And that’s good news.

  2. Well done to those Opera boys and girls! 🙂

  3. But you are still cross-posting!? 😉

  4. It’s great that Opera is on-board, and I’m personally a fan of the browser.

    Unfortunately, IE isn’t even close and likely won’t be for a few more release cycles. So a lot of it doesn’t have much practical use yet.

  5. A year late, but ages ahead of the competition… way to go Opera!!! w00t!

  6. Finally! This is great news!

    Is there an ACID equivalent for ECMA script? Should there be?

  7. I’ve been playing with the beta of version 9 for about a month now – and it’s very solid.

    Still a few inconsistencies… such as the handling of lists (but I’m not sure who to point the finger at any more, …maybe my code?!).

    Good work Opera!

  8. Unless I’m mistaken, Opera would be the first PC browser to pass Acid2?

    As a rabid Opera fan, naturally I’m pleased as all getout 🙂 Although I was being slightly hard nosed and saying that it wouldn’t *really* count until Opera 9/Merlin was actually released 😉

  9. Ben: First Windows browser to pass Acid2, yes. If you want to be really strict about it then Konqueror doesn’t pass because it doesn’t hide the scrollbar.

    Still waiting for a KHTML/WebKit browser on Windows…

  10. Well I am glad to hear it finally passed even if it was a year later. Should be interesting to see how long it takes to pass the mobile anyone willing to guess on how long it will take to pass that?

  11. It was a pleasure to finally meet you molly. Hopefully, I’ll see you again next year.

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