Wednesday 1 March 2006

Microsoft IE7 Progress: Sneak Preview of MIX06 Release

I’m sitting here with Malarkey and Markus Mielke in Mandelieu, a beautiful town in the south of France. We’re here attending the W3C Technical Plenary and Markus has been kind enough to give us a sneak preview of the IE7 release that’s expected for the MIX06 event.

We’ve been looking at a number of sites in the newest beta build, and we’re seeing some truly impressive work. Two designs have been particularly compelling as use cases. Malarkey’s personal Web site, which has an IE6 specific version and a version best viewed in more modern browsers; and Gemination, Egor Kloos’s progressively enhanced CSS Zen Garden design that sends two completely different designs to IE6 and modern browsers out of the same CSS file.

Here’s the progress of Malarkey’s site, from IE6 to IE7 Beta Preview, to IE7 MIX06 Release:

malarkey progress in IE

Malarkey has his own write up, well worth a read.

And Gemination IE6 to IE7 Beta Preview to IE7 MIX06 Release (this is cut off to the right a bit to fit the image, but suffice it to say everything works, even the hover effects!) :

gemination progress in IE

Markus tells me that several more fixes are going to make it into the MIX06 release, too.

On behalf of WaSP and the WaSP / Microsoft Task Force it makes me very proud to be here today watching history unfold.

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Comments (65)

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