Tuesday 6 September 2005

An Event Apart: Don’t Miss One

ZELDMAN AND MEYER are two names that will always pack a punch when it comes to being shapers of the Web. Now, they’ve teamed up for the long-awaited, content-rich Event Apart.

Having worked side by side with Eric for many years, I know how much fun he is to learn from. And Jeffrey never fails to be thought-provoking and entertaining, too. Yeah, they’re my great friends so I’m biased, but who cares. They’re two among the very few best when it comes to knowledge, experience and the ability and willingness to share it.

I’m interested in the fact that the first Event kicks off in Philadelphia – a great city that has long been under-represented in terms of killer Web workshops and conferences.

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Posted by:   Molly | 07:42 | Comments (7)

Comments (7)

  1. This is a great opportunity to see these guys work. I’m a strong believer in conferences and seminars. Set aside your milk money for this tour.

  2. Uh-oh Molly. I’d set aside some money to see you at the WOW conference in Albany in February. Now Zeldman and Meyers in Philly? I need to eat you know.

  3. How exciting. After ten years of attending Web conferences this will be my first opportunity to attend a conference in my city. Of course I love Philadelphia and we do have several great museums, Franklin Institute among them, so what a great venue. And Jeffrey and Eric together can only be a day to remember. Thanks for promoting them and the great city of Philadelphia.


    Philadelphia in December? Better pack those coats!

  5. Almost that time. Should be a very fun event.

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