Saturday 3 September 2005

Of Old Recordings

GOING THROUGH OLD RECORDINGS today I stumbled across some of the studio work I’ve done. I’ve never shared these because I just now pulled them together, but I hope you’ll enjoy them. Regular readers and old friends know I had a bit of a music career at one time as a singer, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist. I had some dumb fortune: amazing talent perform my songs with me – ah, Tucson – legendary musical talent but shitty venues. You’ll hear some great playing here that makes me sound lots better than I might have really been.

You can download the tunes (MP3 format, all for broadband) at your leisure from the directory page or one at a time here. This first batch came from a locally distributed album I did back in 1990 called Mysteries Involving Circles and Rings.

  • Terra Cotta Slumber. One of my earliest songs written for guitar, composed somewhere around 1980. Recorded here in 1990 with the phenomenal guitarist Ed DeLucia featured playing acoustic lead.
  • Lost Heroes. The line about George Bush makes me shiver considering I wrote it about George I. Beautiful lead guitar work once again from Ed.
  • Postcard from Haiti. Something for you folks who want a little more rock in your political roll.

Here are a few other things I found:

  • Life as a River. Recorded at Crash Landing Studios with Courage Sisters. Me, Patty Sundberg, Don Reeve (another phenomenal guitarist – listen for the soaring electric leads in this one), and fantabulous Marx Loeb on drums.
  • This Heart. A one-off recorded with my amazing friend Mark who walked into the studio and we got these harmonies down in one take. An uplifting love song with more guitar from Ed DeLucia (sound quality unfortunately not so good, but Mark’s vocals are worth it).
  • Wrapped in Gray. Just me: lead and harmony vocals, guitar. A song contrasting my life with the death of my father. Annoyingly long, but the lyrics are cinematic.

I have more. Let me know what you think.

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Comments (12)

  1. I’m getting a text overrun on the website with your Sept 3 post.

    Thought you’d want to know…designer and all.


  2. Thanks Molly! Your tunes definitely lifted the mood of a Sunday morning in the office 🙂 Now if I could just get this code to work as it should!

  3. Probably not the right stuff for my current mood (which is hard to describe anyways)…

    On a sidenote: it might have been a good idea to take advantage of the MP3 header tags. You could have embedded the song’s name, your name, year, album and even a comment or copyright notice.

  4. Nice. I liked “Life is a river” best.

  5. Bruno: Thanks so much!

    Michael: Mood and music are so inter-related, at least for me.

    Hugh: Thank you. I love the sentiment on that one personally.

  6. Successful website

  7. I really think you have musical talent. I can’t imagine not pursuing it. Your sound is very ‘Indigo Girl-ish’ and I love it!!

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