Tuesday 19 July 2005

Sky Blogging


The Moon and the Mountain

Originally uploaded by mollyeh11.

Today I’m going to be blogging from the sky! It’s the Blogging the Stratosphere event, in which a group of journalists including some high-profile bloggers, newspaper writers (Wall Street Journal, Associated Press and Seattle Times), magazine and media reps (Macworld, Microsoft), radio personalities and podcasters get on a private jet from Boeing and have fun while blogging, podcasting and Flickr’ing from the sky.

Folks joining in on the fun include: Steve Broback, Buzz Bruggeman, DL Byron, Bryan Corliss, Kevin Ebi, Dominic Gates, Brian Gregory, Cathy Lu, Larry Hryb, Chris Pirillo, Eric Rice, Robert Scoble, Bob Sullivan, and Nick Wingfield and of course,yours truly.

Our flight takes us over Mt. Rainier, shown here in a photo I took last night as the moon rose over Seattle. We’ll then be whisked away to a winery for dinner, and then back up for more sky blogging.

I’ve set up a special AIM name so readers can IM with me while I’m in flight. The name is skyblogger1 and the flight schedule is available (Pacific Time) so you can check in and say hello. I’ll be blogging the experience here, and posting photos to Flickr as well.

Hope to chat with you from above the clouds!

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Comments (7)

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  2. As cool as this sounds…I find myself asking one question: “Why?”
    Then I thought, ‘Nah – I must be missing something right?’…there’s a reason for it all: charity, sponsering a good cause, ‘Boeing i-Pod of the week Promo’ perhaps? But no – none of these things…so…again Molly…”Why?”

    (It does sound like a great thing to do though!)

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  6. But how much does it costs? I now hoch it costs in my apparments, but how much it would costs 10 thousand meteres abothe the ground?

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