Tuesday 19 July 2005

Blogging the Stratosphere

I’m blogging from the sky!

We just flew around Mt. Rainier – I’ve got some excellent images and video from that seriously awesome experience – I’ll upload them to Flickr in just a bit.

Along with using the WiFi in the sky, we are the first journalists in the United States to view the live television offerings. Another interesting demo they’re about to show us is VOIP (voice IP) telephones.

The world, my dear readers, is changing. It’s the most exciting time to be alive, I hope you all agree.

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Posted by:   Molly | 16:08 | Comments (17)

Comments (17)

  1. Hi Molly,

    First time IM’er, long time fan.

    I just sent a few IM’s to you to see how the system was working. See if you were having fun.

    Seems to work great, and you are right. The world is a changing.

    Have fun.

    From Northern California.

  2. thanks RocketeerRocker! It was great to chat with you from 11,000

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  4. “London to Air Molly – you are clear to land on runway 10…”

    Mile-High Blog eh? 😉

  5. Wow, I just took a very similar flight. I also saw Mt. Rainier, and took some photos (

    If you were traveling to Pheonix, did you notice the Grand Canyon?

    I wasn’t lucky enough to have internet.

  6. That’s awesome! “I’m commenting from New Zealand” definitely does not have as much of a ring to it.

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  9. That’s awesome. Just… awesome 🙂

  10. I’ve recently posted about VoIP telephones,as I received news last week that our telephone exchange in work is being upgraded.

    The world is changing, bit by bit. Great stuff. Looking forward to see your photographs. I did try to catch you on AIM but couldn’t stay up long enough.

  11. love the blogspirit you bring to the experience of using the ‘puter to group and gather birds of a feather. having learned computers from a 9 year old hanging out in a Radio Shack down the street from my San Francisco printshop in 1982 where I listened to Kronos play in my back room. Down the street Dave Bunnell and I would prompt one another with our daily events at Jaques Daniel’s. He asked me to be on the magazine he and Jacqueline were doing about IBM personal computers. They were going to be big! I said,” I hate IBM” I’ll pass. I was not the world’s brightest 39 yr old.

    blogs are fun. a delicious spot in the now is completed when you get to do your blog thing.


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  13. thats really awesome! (NZ) how is it?

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