Thursday 7 July 2005

Accessibility Discussions: Article and Commentary Roundup

Ever since we announced the WaSP Accessibility Task Force, quickly given
the sticky nicky “ATF” the recommendations, requests and even a
few ragings have been storm-trooping ‘cross the Web.

Here’s a round-up of reading associated with ATF activities.

Requests and recommendations

The following articles focus on requests from the ATF, recommendations,
and general thoughts with opinions liberally sprinkled throughout (shocked,
I know you are).

Opinion and editorial pieces

These are opinion and editorial-centric articles related to ATF:

Please be sure to take some time to read through the comments on many of
these posts as there are some excellent thoughts, opinions and related links
within them. If I’ve left something out that should go onto this list, please
leave a comment for me and I’ll add it.

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Comments (11)

  1. ATF and now…MS WTF!


    WaSP are really doing a great service to the web, people associated with it – and everyone who uses it. I’ve read all the articles above (prior to your posting here though) and can’t think of any other links just now that could be added. London wins the Olympic bid for 2012, and then gets bombed by terrorists today…so forgive me if my focus is a bit distracted. On topic though: I have great hopes for the ATF team, and if I can do anything to help…then…I really will do all I can! 🙂

  2. Great resource! Got me up to speed on what exactly the ATF is.

    Posted longer, semi-related comments here. [tried to ping. whoops!]

  3. Having read the suggestions above (although a little quickly) I didn’t notice anyone mentioning the ATF targeting their activity towards those who commission websites. Educating the developers, CMS vendors etc is one thing but there’s a certain level of influence that could surely come form those buying their services?

    Such people don’t need to learn anything ‘technical’. I’m imagining clients grinning smugly as they add a few words of newly acquired ‘jargon’ on to the end of their request: “oh, and it has to be standards compliant and accessible”. (Don’t clients just love jargon?)

    Of course a little knowledge is often dangerous and there are many flaws in this idea but with the ATF offering the right back-up it may well work in some instances.


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