Monday 28 February 2005

goodbye, marqui paid to post

GOODBYE MARQUI PROGRAM. It’s been three months of an adventure that not only shook up the web world with controversy, but shook up my personal world, too.

marquis: paid to blog

Sometimes things happen for a reason, and I am confident that Marqui‘s paid-to-post blogger program has taught me lessons that needed to be taught. Primarily, I learned that I can’t blog naturally if I feel forced to do it, and that’s intriguing because I can write in just about any style. But, it turns out my blog is really personal, I take it personally, and I need it to be that way.

This process really helped me clarify my own thoughts about marketing and promotion. In fact, at the end of my time with Marqui, I do have to say I think that there’s still a lack of clarity about the product. In the next months, the bloggers going forward with the program will be writing a lot more in depth about the actual product, so there will be less hype about the hype and more focus on what Marqui really does.

I wish my fellow paid-to-blog bloggers all the best and a special thanks to the good folks at Marqui for providing such a compelling, growth-oriented experience for me.

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Comments (20)

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  2. i observed your thought process during this whole blog for cash, and i must say it is interesting to see how the mind evolves. i also considered pursuing this idea, however it was on hold until i was able to convince myself for it. i figured any sort of advertisement on a personal site needs some sort of a justification. i suppose having any level of advertisement on a personal site says ‘something’ about the individual.

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  4. We need to change that little banner to, “I get paid to talk about — no I don’t.”

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  8. paid to post would be difficult. gotta do it for the fun!

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  11. verry interesting, thank you

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