Friday 31 December 2004

BlogAid: Blog Earnings for Earthquake Relief


IN RESPONSE TO the immediate, growing need for funds to assist with the Asia relief effort, web-standards designer and blogger Andy Budd has created BlogAid, a place for bloggers to pledge blog earnings to a charitable organization providing assistance.

Andy writes:

I’m sending you this email to let you know about a small project I’ve launched to help the victims of the Asian Tsunami and Earthquake. The idea is to encourage bloggers to donate the earnings from their site for the month of January to a relief agency of their choice. For most people, the money they make from site advertising such as Google AdWords is a nice little extra, but something they could quite happily do without for a month. By pledging this money, it gives bloggers an easy way to support the relief efforts. While I obviously can’t guarantee that people will donate their earnings, I’m hoping that a public commitment will encourage the majority of people to honour their pledge.

Some notable bloggers contributing money from January’s earnings include:

So, if you’ve got a blog that’s pulling in some dollars from advertising, affiliate programs, and paid-to-blog programs, sign up at BlogAid and commit your pledge today. It’s a socially conscious, good-karma way to start off the New Year.

Speaking of that, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Here’s to a peaceful, prosperous, healthy and happy 2005.

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Comments (9)

  1. I happened here because I bought your CSS book and became interested in visiting your site because of the nice forward that Eric Meyer wrote! I too struggle with all the tsunami deaths in asia, but then I also understand that where you live, under an Arizona sky, there are places where rattle snakes congregate. Now it would seem like a rather poor choice for me to pitch my tent in such a place, and then complain later about being bitten by a snake. I’m not trying to justify the massive loss of life, but for many 100’s of years now, those areas have been quite unsafe to live in. I also wouldn’t pitch my tent at the foot of an active vulcano. So, call this an act of God, but it might also be called an “act of man!”

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