Monday 27 December 2004

help for victims of Asian earthquake

THERE ARE TIMES when we have to share our blessings without counting. No doubt many of us around the world have been watching with growing horror as the death count from the devastating earthquake and tsunami waves in Asia climbs toward 20,000.

Even if it feels inadequate in the light of such devastation here are a few (mostly U.S. based) organizations through which you can help:

Robert Scoble is keeping a linklist of news and related blog postings from around the world, and despite a lack of blog activity due to the Christmas holiday, many bloggers are responding now with post entries covering helpful resources, information, photos, assistance, and heartfelt thoughts.

If you’ve got any additional helpful resources (especially of assistance would be international agencies) please feel free to leave a comment or trackback here.

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Comments (22)

  1. Oxfam in the UK are accepting donations here:

    If you are a UK taxpayer don’t forget to check the box that will enable Oxfam to reclaim the tax you paid on the donation amount.

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  3. There is a forum dedicated to this Phuktet disaster where you can search for missing people.

  4. If there is, where could I find an official list of tsunami victims on the web ? thank you very much.

  5. I am a retired school administrator with a major in physical education and a minor in health science. If there is someone out there that could offer their support with a plane ticket, I could donate my time and effort, strength and support to help get these people back on their feet.

  6. Hello, I’m indi. I live in Sri Lanka and I’m working on the relief effort with the local Sri Lankan NGO, Sarvodaya. I think it would be cool if we were included on your list since we are on similar lists at Apple ( and Google (

    Sarvodaya is also a local organization that has been helping Sri Lankans for 50 years. Right now there is a lot of traffic going over the network, but it is an old and established network – and pretty fully local. There are 34 district stations and over 300 partner villages, and all-in-all, we’ve been pretty good at getting the aid out to people who need it.

    Check out or for more info. I hope these links don’t catch me in the Spam filter.

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  8. Those are some good resources. I personally recommend the Scientology Volunteer Ministers. I have personally donated my time in the past to volunteer with them and it has been very rewarding. They also accept money donations. Do check them out.

  9. greetings. definitely some good information

  10. I wonder how everything is going for the families of the victims.

  11. An idea how things are now, so much later?

  12. I have a perfume store and i was thinking of starting a donation per perfume order. Thanks for your attention to this issue Molly.

  13. I am a retired school The soon back loing I could donate my time and effort, strength and support to help get these people back on their feet.

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