Thursday 23 December 2004

pop culture moment

OH YOU’RE INCREDIBLE, and I’m getting lost in movies and TV shows.

God bless torrents.

The Incredibles

For the first half I was blown away into sublime happiness. I lost it toward the end in which I think the “Disney” administration displayed its ugly influence.

21 Grams

I watched it again only because I wanted to revisit the career of Melissa Leo who is hot in this film, not to mention brilliant in her years on Homicide, Life on the Streets (see next) and for whom I profess an unrequited love.

Homicide: Life on the Street

Homicide broke all the rules: Hand-held cameras, real characters with complex lives. The show went on to influence and inspire a host of contemporary cop and suspense shows: Law and Order, Oz, you name it – nothing was like the first two years of this show in terms of gritty commercial US TV.

Memorable, get it, watch it.

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Comments (13)

  1. Law & Order might have been the inspiration for Homicide, given it began its run three years prior. Just as a bit of FYI.

  2. Hey Jesse – yeah, but still HLOTS influenced Law and Order big-time.

    I read somewhere that the character “Munch” played by Richard Belzer may have the record for showing up in more individual TV series than any other character in TV history 🙂

  3. Homicide is the best cop show ever on network TV. Now, the same folks who did Homicide one-upped themselves with The Wire, the best cop show EVER on any network (and you can get the first two seasons on DVD now, ho ho ho!).

  4. Disney is awesome. Don’t forget to check out that “Children of Bodom” track Molly.

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