Friday 17 December 2004

marquis: self-serve

marquis: paid to blog

SOMETHING MARQUIS DOES well and hosted software services can learn from is the choose-your-own-host concept.

Essentially, Marquis will publish your web content to the hosting service of your choice. It’s simple – you publish to the Marquis app, and then the app pushes content via FTP to your server.

I like this approach a lot, because while it provides the user with the CMS, it’s really like a layer of software. You always have access to your own server and files, so you can bypass Marquis at any time if you want to, and if you decide Marquis is not for you, you’ve got all your content, totally ready for any other tool you might choose to use.

For a bit more background on this feature in Marquis, please see their Speeds and Feeds article.

Readers, please be aware that this is a paid-to-blog post. All of the opinions herein are my own, all I am required to do is post some thought on the product each week. I recently asked readers about the paid-to-blog concept, and if you’d like to learn about the Marquis paid-to-blog approach to web marketing, check out their Blogosphere program.

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Comments (4)

  1. Looks good 🙂

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