Thursday 9 December 2004

2004 weblog awards

WONDERS NEVER CEASE! I’ve somehow been nominated for a best tech blog award in the 2004 weblog awards. I didn’t even know until someone pointed it out to me.

Of course, I really am not sure if I’m a tech blog per se, only sometimes. But I’m still honored to have been nominated. Check out the 2004 weblog awards, and cast a vote for your favorites.

Speaking of tech news, I’m still in Boston having taken an extra day after Web Design World to visit with my brother Morris. The event was great! I met some excellent people, enjoyed seeing many of my pals, and I’ve got some interesting thoughts to gather and write about in terms of what I experienced regarding the state of standards and blogging. But, I’m going to need some time to sort out my thoughts, in the meantime, check out Ethan’s blog about his experience, which talks about the session we co-presented together.

Did you attend? If so, what were your thoughts about the event?

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Posted by:   Molly | 09:41 | Comments (12)

Comments (12)

  1. Aw, geepers, I never get nominated for nuthin’.

    Seriously, congratulations! I voted for you, but based on the current results (you have 0.6% of 12702 votes) you’re going to need a really serious pollsmash to have a shot at taking the #1 spot. I bet those other sites have the fix in.

  2. Eric – I think by the time you get to “Pope” there’s not much higher one can go – unless you’re looking to be nominated for a celestial position.

    Yeah, I’m waaaaay down there on the list. No matter, it’s an honor someone nominated me in the first place!

  3. Congrats, Molly! You have my vote strictly because out of all the “please help me figure something out” emaisl I’ve sent to a multitude of so-called l33t g33x, you always reply. Good luck.

  4. Ouch… the odds are in favour of the Engadget guys BIG time…

    Engadget 43.1%
    Gizmodo 35.7%

    With over 12000 votes so far.

  5. Congrats! Don’t mind being down on the list, you’re nominated and that’s just cool enough as it is 🙂

    Pity that site is sponsored by so much bullshit 😐 Yuck…

  6. Hey Molly, congratulations for being nominated and good luck. 😉

  7. Pity that site is sponsored by so much bullshit 😐 Yuck…

    Whadya mean “sponsored by”? More like “run, frequented and trusted by.”

    Look at who’s nominated/leading in the other weblog categories (and, for good measure, look at previous year’s winners).

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