Wednesday 8 December 2004

blogger knowledge interview

FUNNIEST. INTERVIEW. EVER. Well, with me at least – Biz Stone from Blogger interviewed me celebrity-style on my new Blogger training movie from Lynda.Com.

If you’ve got a few moments, please read the interview, and check out samples of the movie, too! Be sure to let me know what you think.

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Comments (15)

  1. Nicely done, Molly. Your voice works rather well “on screen.” Beethoven once retreated to Heiligenstadt to soothe his deteriorating hearing. It’s now apparent that one must head to Emerald Iguana to deal with any vocal issues.

  2. You sound way different than I thought you would.

  3. Cameron: I recommend the Emerald Iguana Inn for just about any issues one might have. Unless they involve screaming – it’s a very mellow place 😉

    Dante: What did you expect? Younger? Older? Meaner? Sweeter? Do tell!

  4. I agree – you sound NOTHING like I expected. Quite sexy actualy! 😉

    One question though Molly, why IE? Surely this would have been a perfect opportunity to “Browse Happy”?

  5. Ooops, just to clarify.

    The first and second sentence have no relationship to each other whatsoever! heh.

    1st: Your accent, I seem to imagine everyone being English
    2nd: The femininity of your intonation

  6. Noah: In this case, the choice to use IE was based on audience familiarity. The Learning Blogger tutorial is mostly for newcomers – I do discuss other browsers during the segments.

  7. If you must know I was expecting an old mean kinda voice, like Kyle’s Mom on South Park.

  8. Dante: you crack me up. 🙂

  9. No offense it’s that she’s about the same age as you and is Jewish as well. I made the obvious connection between you and her.

    And I thought your surname was pronounced ‘Halls-shlaag’ , not Holzschlag. It should be pronounced the former way, since I believe it is Germanic and would’ve been spelt Holzschläg, where ä represents a short a sound like in cat.

    Not that you care. I just think diacritics on names look cool.

  10. I just listened to some of you Marriage slide. You really do sound a wee bit like her. Like in words like ‘content’. :p

  11. This is my first comment on any blog!
    I haven’t read the interview yet, but I followed your course and I thought it very good.
    I’m a complete newbie in blogging, but I have now 5 blogs that I use to contact each of my classes (I’m a teacher) and my student’s parents.
    It’s been amazing what I’m learning still.

    Cristina in Lisbon, Portugal (just to let you know how far you reached)

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