Saturday 13 November 2004

racing frogs

WHETHER BY SPAM or by email mishap I now regularly receive the Racing Frogs News.

The Racing Frogs web site offers children and “immature” adults the opportunity to create a racing frog, set up your own frog race league, and train, motivate, and feed your frog. You can even watch your frog race.

There’s a book that goes along with this “simple, addictive entertainment” too, called Frog City.

Now, I happen to like frogs very much indeed. And I’m an immature adult.

I guess it’s time to go race my frog . . .

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Posted by:   Molly | 02:11 | Comments (170)

Comments (170)

  1. Could anyone advise me on how to find the best food for your frog. I would be very glad of this help because i no all of your frogs are better than mine

  2. bye the way, would people stop asking for codes. Its only £1.50 and its hardly expensive. Mine came within minutes and it lasts for 28 days!

  3. Just ordered my book yesterday, hope to get it soon. VIP zone is not too bad. I’m currently undefeated in normal season races, and i’ve raced about 15, and i’ve competed in all the superfrog events since i started. Racing frogs is excellent, and everyone who doesnt have a card to buy the book (or may not have the money) should just spend the 1.50. £1.50 a small price to pay, howvere i agree that the book is rather over-priced.

  4. YOU ALL SUCK!!!!!!
    Just give us the password.

  5. The code only works once so stop asking!

  6. nowon is goin to lisen but what is page 26 line 14 nith word from the left

  7. Any1 else having trouble with the website – has someone finally hacked and crashed it because they dont have a password for the VIP Zone???????????

  8. the strange guy in the distance – you are a dick.

  9. PPL ASKING FOR PASS CODES the pass code is different everytime you go to it and the txt code only works once. so BUY the book or TEXT the number
    i love my frog, frustrated, she is the best

  10. p.s im taking about the racing frogs website incase everyone got a bit confused!

  11. just wondering y every one ignors the previous coment and can some1 give a huge list of the differnt codes

  12. can anyone at all o and ihateLAMERS ur a bigger dick than anyone here

  13. U ALL SUCK!!!!!!!!!

  14. I have the book and I want to keep it 4 myself.
    Just buy the damn book losers.

  15. i think racing frogs is one of the best games on the internet but i cant find out how to gwt in the bluddy vip zone and i cant find the two books asnywhere

  16. can som1 give me the password of its club?
    I want to join a club

  17. My club:SATAN RULES
    Password: abcdef

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