Saturday 4 September 2004

marriage proposal

MARRY ME, PLEASE? I’m looking for a wonderful eligible bachelor interested in a crazy vivacious woman. Arranged marriages appeal to me. I seem to have failed at the romantic variety.

I’m loud, obnoxious and opinionated. This apparently is at odds with my totally sweet disposition and completely persuasive sensual nature.

I don’t want to try any more. I can’t take the heartache. I’m looking for the one. The companion. We will see each other through. Lean on me, I have broad shoulders. But please dear god let me lean on you, too.

You know what, if I can’t get some good marriage proposals via my site, I’m not working hard enough.

So talk to me, fellas!


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Posted by:   Molly | 17:13 | Comments (303)

Comments (303)

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